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DevOps is an approach to software development and delivery that emphasizes close integration and collaboration between the development team and the operations team. The chief aim of the DevOps approach is to be able to release new software features frequently – in response to fast-moving market demands and opportunities – while also maintaining a high degree of quality and reliability. DevOps tools are software development, testing, and deployment tools that – in combination with the necessary changes in office culture and procedures – enable organizations to implement the DevOps approach and reap its benefits.

DevOps in the Enterprise

From Enterprise DevOps to Cloud Native NoOps

The Role of DevOps tools

DevOps tools help software makers pull off the trick of releasing faster while keeping up or improving quality. DevOps tools support agile development and deployment by automating and standardizing much of the software delivery lifecycle, while applying quality controls throughout the cycle. Agile development tools include cloud-based infrastructure stacks such as Amazon Web Services; cloud-based code repositories such as Github; virtualization and containerization solutions like Vagrant and Docker; and continuous integration systems such as Jenkins and Bamboo. Configuration management technologies like Puppet and Chef are another common part of the agile DevOps toolkit.

Another key area where DevOps tools can advance the aim of producing software faster and better is application performance monitoring and management. The technology leader in the area of DevOps monitoring tools is Dynatrace.

The perfect DevOps toolset will foster collaboration amongst Product Management, Development, IT Operations and Technical Support teams, allowing you to build more quality into your products, and supporting you in establishing better feedback loops.

DevOps tools from Dynatrace: "shift left" for continuous performance management

Dynatrace provides leading edge DevOps monitoring solutions including application performance monitoring, user experience management, and cloud-based synthetic monitoring and load testing services. With Dynatrace DevOps tools, progressive software and web companies are able to apply application performance checks throughout the application development and delivery lifecycle, rather than risking the conventional "waterfall" approach where performance and scalability issues aren’t discovered until late in the cycle.

With Dynatrace, the drive toward applications that will perform well in production begins at the developer’s desktop, where Dynatrace application performance monitoring integrates with leading IDEs such as Eclipse to show developers immediately and visually how their code changes may impact performance – even before check-in. Dynatrace DevOps tools continue to keep performance and quality concerns top-most through the automated integration and testing phases, by integrating application performance checks into popular CI and test automation tools. And in launch and production phases, Dynatrace shines with its on-demand global synthetic monitoring service, 24/7 monitoring of critical business transaction performance, and real-time user experience analytics.

Throughout the application delivery lifecycle, from programmer’s desk to live production systems, Dynatrace DevOps tools not only detect application performance problems – they also support rapid and precise root cause analysis, down to the offending application tier and even to the specific line of problematic code.

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