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Before considering what are the best DevOps tools we should briefly define what we mean by DevOps and DevOps tools. DevOps is an approach to software application delivery that aligns developers and operations personnel around a common objective of getting new and improved application features out to users quickly and frequently while also meeting high standards for quality and reliability. DevOps entails developers adopting more of an operations-oriented mindset, while operations staff adopt certain skills and practices traditionally associated with development. What are DevOps tools, then? In short, DevOps tools are technologies that facilitate collaboration between developers and operators while furthering the shared goal of producing better software faster.

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Best DevOps tools: The major tool types

The best DevOps tools are those that contribute substantially to the DevOps objective of moving application code quickly through the delivery pipeline while ensuring a high level of quality. These best DevOps tools include:

  • Source control systems. In typical DevOps practice, developers commit every code change into a version-tracking source control system that supports rollbacks (such as Git, SVN, CVS, and others).
  • Continuous integration (CI) servers. A CI server monitors the source control system and triggers an application build after each code check-in (or in some environments, once a day); subjects the build to a set of automated tests; reports on the test results; and notifies developers of any test failures. Examples include Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, and others.
  • Test automation frameworks. These DevOps and WebOps tools (such as Selenium, JUnit, Tricentis, and others) allow for the creation and management of automated unit tests and integration tests, which are then called by the CI server after each application build.
  • Deployment automation tools. These best DevOps tools (such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and others) allow for automated deployment of application code and supporting resources into testing and production environments.
  • Performance management tools. These best DevOps tools allow for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing the performance attributes of applications as the code moves from build through testing and into production. The leading toolset of this type is Dynatrace.
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Dynatrace delivers the best DevOps tools for digital performance management

Dynatrace is a complete digital performance management platform that automatically discovers your application topology and baseline performance attributes; detects any degradation from that baseline; and pinpoints the root cause of the performance degradation. Dynatrace supports this application performance discovery, monitoring, and troubleshooting through each stage of the application delivery pipeline.

For example, at the CI stage Dynatrace integrates seamlessly with your automated test suites to measure and report on the performance characteristics of each build, and to notify developers of performance anomalies or regressions. At the other end of the pipeline, Dynatrace monitors 100% of application transactions in production environments, automatically detecting performance problems and identifying the root cause so that issues can be resolved quickly before users are negatively impacted.

Dynatrace provides you a unified performance monitoring and troubleshooting platform across all your application and infrastructure technologies, supporting anything from .NET troubleshooting to Tomcat troubleshooting to troubleshooting for SQL databases. For organizations migrating to the cloud, Dynatrace supports your journey with OpenStack troubleshooting or AWS troubleshooting or troubleshooting for any other major cloud platform – all from a single unified digital performance management solution.

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