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The performance of databases (DBs) strongly impacts the performance of applications accessing them. DB monitoring tools can be used to monitor and capture metrics relevant to database performance to ensure that any performance issues are identified and resolved quickly. These database metrics can be collated with application performance metrics from other application components and services to enable data-driven performance analysis through the entire application stack. Analysis results provide insights into root-causes of performance problems.

Dynatrace, the leader in digital performance management, provides the solutions, tools, and technology to permit full-stack application performance monitoring. Using Dynatrace application and DB monitoring tools, you can implement end-to-end performance monitoring and analysis. Its wide support for application technologies allow you to capture the performance of your Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications. It even integrates with development tools such as Java development tools to streamline application delivery pipeline processes for continuous integration and delivery.

Database health metrics

Dynatrace DB monitoring tools help you optimize database performance

Dynatrace supports monitoring a wide range of relational and non-relational databases including SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OracleDB, MongoDB, Memcached, and Redis. Dynatrace DB monitoring tools capture actionable data that you can use to troubleshoot any performance issue as well as for tuning database performance.

For example, Dynatrace's MySQL monitoring tools enable you to drill down to the SQL-statement level to perform MySQL profiling of each query sent to the database. Through this profiling, you can identify expensive statements that retrieve a large amount of data thereby slowing down the response time of each query. These statements and the code that invokes them can be rewritten to retrieve smaller datasets. Dynatrace's DB monitoring tools generate notifications to alert you to statements that are slow and expensive.

sql statement performance

Dynatrace: DB monitoring tools within a unified APM solution

Dynatrace is the only APM provider that delivers full-stack monitoring across all major application, platform, and infrastructure technologies. Dynatrace supports all popular application frameworks, with integrated Java profiling tools, .NET monitor tools, PHP and Node.js monitoring tools, and more. Dynatrace DB monitoring tools permit you to capture and analyze all database activities relevant to application performance, providing you with performance metrics at the SQL or NoSQL-statement level. Combining application and DB monitoring with integrated server performance monitoring tools that monitor physical and virtual server performance, Dynatrace delivers gap-free visibility across your entire application stack—empowering you to quickly identify and address the root cause of application performance problems.

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