Database Troubleshooting

Database troubleshooting refers to the practice of diagnosing and resolving database performance issues. It can be time-consuming and challenging as it generally involves gathering and sifting through a great deal of information and data—about the database, the server on which it's hosted, and the applications and services connected to it.

With a unified performance monitoring tool like Dynatrace however, time-strapped developers, DBAs, and operations teams can solve database problems faster and more effectively, thereby improving the performance of their critical business applications. They can isolate and eliminate database hotspots and other possible performance problems quickly and proactively, helping to ensure the stable performance and digital experience of their websites and other applications dependent on their databases.

Get an overview on database response times, failure rates, most time consuming requests, and slowest requests.

Accelerating database troubleshooting with a comprehensive monitoring solution

Database troubleshooting typically begins by looking at the symptoms of the problem and then narrowing down places to look for a cause: to the design or configuration of the database, to resource usage on the host server, in database access patterns, or elsewhere. Because there are many components to consider, manual database troubleshooting can be difficult and frustrating. And having a tool that can provide you with all the information you need to quickly analyze and isolate the root cause of database performance issues can save you a great deal of time and frustration in many cases.

A comprehensive database-agnostic enterprise monitoring solution, which incorporates database and server monitoring tools as well as application performance and JVM monitoring tools, can significantly accelerate database troubleshooting. You get quick and easy access to detailed relevant data about the health of your database and host server and about your network and the applications and services accessing your database. Instead of having to pore over various metrics and logs, you can be alerted to an unhealthy component or problematic performance trend and zoom into poorly designed queries to make the appropriate fix fast.

Availability monitoring using Web checks

Making database troubleshooting simpler with our full-stack monitoring solution

Dynatrace is a fully automated, full-stack performance monitoring solution that makes database troubleshooting simpler and easier. With support for a wide range of database technologies including Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, Dynatrace automatically detects and monitors all of your databases, showing you how your users, applications, and services access your databases. Offering you deep visibility down to the statement level, Dynatrace helps you find inefficient SQL queries, unprepared statements, and other problems in seconds.

Moreover, Dynatrace doesn't just provide you with visibility into your databases and the applications connecting to them but offers you a holistic view of the application delivery ecosystem—into your host servers through Linux monitoring and Windows monitoring capabilities and across third-party services and APIs for proactive SLA monitoring. Dynatrace automatically detects and monitors the health of your entire technology stack, so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time optimizing the availability and performance of critical business applications.

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Find the root-cause of performance problems in minutes, from poorly executing code, to redundant DB queries, to memory leaks or architectural bottlenecks.

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