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Despite that nearly 90% of application performance issues are related to the database layer, many developers leave database-related issues to be solved by database administrators, who in turn are often unable to identify the cause of the problem because it lies in the application. With better database performance monitoring tools however, developers and DBAs can work together to find and fix application-related database performance issues.

Database management systems are highly sophisticated applications, and resolving database performance problems is challenging when you lack the time or database monitoring tools necessary for identifying and diagnosing bottlenecks. Developers in particular, are at a disadvantage when it comes to improving database performance because they generally don't have visibility into the database layer.

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Why developers and DBAs need app-centric database performance monitoring tools

With the right database performance monitoring tool, developers and operations teams can get the database visibility they need to figure out whether the root of performance problems lies in the database itself or in the application code—whether they need to add hardware, tweak database configuration settings, or optimize queries. A developer-friendly database performance monitoring solution can help you quickly find and fix bad or inefficient data access patterns in your code or database access framework.

An app-centric database performance monitoring solution like Dynatrace allows you to analyze database performance—be that MongoDB performance or PostgreSQL performance, for example—in the context of your application. What today's developers need are database performance monitoring tools that bridge the gap between development teams and DBAs, solutions that give them a single, unified view of the entire application architecture—not just the database.

System-specific MongoDB monitoring tools or PostgreSQL monitoring tools may be sufficient for DBAs that need to ensure the stability and availability of these databases. But when it comes to optimizing the performance of databases and of the applications that depend on them, a more robust database performance monitoring tool, which can collect metrics on your database servers, your applications, and your network, is absolutely vital.

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Dynatrace: A full-stack performance monitoring solution from the leaders in APM

Dynatrace is a powerful unified monitoring solution that offers complete visibility into all tiers of the application stack—from your users to your backend infrastructure—with a single tool. Dynatrace is easy to install and enables fast, precise database performance tuning. Database Agent, our database performance monitoring solution, is ready to use out-of-the-box and supports the widest range of database technologies.

Dynatrace automatically detects and monitors databases called using Java, .NET, PHP, or Node.js, providing your teams with key performance metrics on database server health, connection pool usage, and load and individual response times for each service communicating with your database—down to the individual statement. At a glance, see all services calling your database including a list of the most time-consuming query executions. Drill down to the problematic statements with a few clicks and locate the affiliated line of code in seconds to eliminate bad data access patterns and accelerate application performance.

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