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For Amazon Web Service users, an AWS monitoring tool can help you optimize application performance and maximize the value of your investments in the Amazon cloud. Inherently dynamic, cloud environments are characterized by changing topologies. The AWS platform in particular, with its growing collection of services, is constantly evolving, making cloud performance monitoring more complicated.

As more companies turn to the cloud to support business-critical workflows, organizations need cloud monitoring tools that allow them to fully understand the architecture and performance of the cloud services they employ. With the right AWS monitoring solution, your teams can find the optimal configuration for your workload requirements, better leverage cloud resources, and improve the agility and ROI of your cloud deployments.

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Optimize application performance, availability, and efficiency with AWS monitoring tools

Amazon offers customers its own cloud-based AWS monitoring tool to collect and view a range of metrics and log files. Although useful for monitoring the performance of native services such as DynamoDB and RedShift and for administering the Auto Scaling service for EC2, the tool provides only a limited view of the cloud infrastructure and lacks the sophisticated analytics capabilities of some third-party AWS monitoring tools.

Specialized AWS monitoring tools like those offered by Dynatrace take AWS topology discovery and application performance management to the next level—giving you excellent visibility into the health and availability of all of your assets on the Amazon cloud. An AWS-ready end to end application monitoring solution can provide you with a map of the dependencies existing between application components and deep insight into the correlations between your applications in the cloud and in your data center.

Empowering your teams to identify unused workloads and accurately detect and resolve performance issues, the right AWS monitoring tools can help your organization ensure the efficiency, high availability, and superior performance of your business services in the AWS ecosystem.

Eliminate visibility gaps and implement proactive cloud management with Dynatrace AWS monitoring

Dynatrace, the leading provider of application performance monitoring software, has developed a suite of APM tools that give you breakthrough, out-of-the-box visibility into your applications deployed on the AWS cloud. Powered by our patented PureStack Technology, our AWS monitoring solution offers you a holistic view of your application’s topology in real time, automatically detecting and monitoring the health of EC2 instances and the behavior and impact of other AWS services.

Designed to support dynamic, elastic AWS-based workloads, Dynatrace lets you proactively manage your resources on the Amazon cloud by enabling you to:

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