Tomcat troubleshooting

What is Tomcat troubleshooting?

Tomcat troubleshooting refers to the process of investigating and resolving problems relating to the performance of Tomcat, a lightweight, open-source web server and Java servlet container used by firms in a wide range of industries to power large-scale web applications. Tomcat troubleshooting is one of many critical WebOps tasks made easier through the use of the right monitoring tools.

Sophisticated full-stack APM solutions like Dynatrace allow developers, architects, and operations teams to simplify and accelerate Tomcat troubleshooting and other tasks necessary for managing and optimizing the performance and user experience of web applications. With the right monitoring solution, you can measure and track the health and performance of all components involved in application delivery—from your users to your web applications, application servers, databases, web servers, and more. With Dynatrace, you get fast, easy access to all the data you need to identify the root cause of performance issues—anywhere in your application delivery environment.

Tomcat process infos

Making Tomcat troubleshooting easier

Carrying out Tomcat troubleshooting without a suitable monitoring solution can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring the use of multiple diagnostic utilities, JDK hotspot and JMX monitoring tools, profilers, debuggers, and analyzers.

With the right APM solution, however, you can minimize or even eliminate the need for manual troubleshooting tasks, implementing effective Tomcat troubleshooting and performance optimization in minutes instead of hours. End-to-end web application monitoring tools like Dynatrace enable you to find and fix a wide range of problems and achieve the best possible peak load performance. You can:

  • See which methods are contributing the most to execution time
  • Examine SQL statements responsible for slow transactions
  • Identify exhausted connection pools and analyze thread dumps
  • Understand the impact of logging on performance
  • View key memory metrics for memory leak detection and diagnosing garbage collection issues
All Tomcat service metrics at a glance

Accelerate Java and Tomcat troubleshooting with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an automated, AI-powered full-stack APM solution equipped with comprehensive monitoring capabilities that help simplify and expedite Java and Tomcat troubleshooting. Simply install our agent and Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire Java application stack, showing you all the relevant performance metrics for your Tomcat environment—down to the process level—via convenient, out-of-the-box dashboards.

There's no need for manual configuration. In minutes, you can start finding and eliminating memory leaks and inefficient database access patterns, optimizing garbage collection and memory reallocation processes, and tuning your Tomcat servers to achieve the highest level of performance possible for your site. Leverage our Smartscape technology to get a bird's eye view of your application delivery environment and our AI-powered root cause analysis engine to troubleshoot complex issues fast.

Dynatrace also features powerful cloud performance monitoring and management capabilities including AWS troubleshooting and OpenStack troubleshooting tools for firms that have migrated or are in the process of migrating to the cloud. Leverage Dynatrace to take a holistic and proactive approach to application performance monitoring in your data center and in the cloud.

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Detailed Tomcat response time analysis

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