Enterprise monitoring

Enterprise monitoring is a term that refers to the use of software tools and custom-built or packaged utilities to monitor the enterprise IT environment including web and mobile applications, databases, servers, networks, microservices, and other components.

In order to ensure that users—whether customers or internal employees—receive the best digital experience possible, IT operations teams leverage enterprise monitoring tools to:

  • Visualize and better understand how the interconnected components of a service delivery environment influence application performance and availability
  • Collect data on the health and behavior of supporting systems and services
  • Identify problematic trends and diagnose and resolve critical issues
  • Achieve greater overall resilience and stability

Why choose a unified enterprise monitoring platform over traditional siloed tools

Enterprise IT environments are more complex than ever before, bringing together a multiplicity of interdependent components and services spanning different platforms, heterogeneous networks, and hybrid architectures. Trying to manage it all with siloed tools and manual processes isn't realistic if firms want to keep up with the pace of change—in technology and in user expectations—and stay competitive.

To effectively monitor today's complex applications and hybrid infrastructures, firms can leverage intelligent, automated solutions that integrate all of the enterprise monitoring functions they need into one platform, whether it's application performance monitoring, Linux monitoring, or SLA monitoring they require. Instead of juggling multiple tools and spending hours and hours sifting through data, why not use an enterprise monitoring platform that lets you monitor your entire tech stack from a single pane of glass?

Dynatrace automatically monitors and updates all dependencies among application components in real time.

An intelligent, intuitive enterprise monitoring platform from the leaders in APM

At Dynatrace, we've spent over two decades developing our unified, end-to-end enterprise monitoring platform, which is suitable for developers and QA testers as well as IT operations and application support teams. Equipped with diverse capabilities including real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, database troubleshooting, Windows monitoring, and JVM monitoring tools, Dynatrace supports nearly all enterprise monitoring use cases and features three unique patented technologies: OneAgent, Smartscape, and PurePath.

Dynatrace's OneAgent technology enables automated instrumentation and monitoring of all components in your tech stack—and requires zero manual configuration. Supporting the broadest range of technologies in the industry, OneAgent auto-detects all processes running in your environment and collects metrics from every layer of the application architecture. Smartscape gives you a real-time visualization of all causal dependencies while our PurePath technology captures timing and code-level context for all transactions flowing through your service delivery ecosystem.

Simply install OneAgent, and in less than five minutes, your teams get holistic visibility into every application tier, every user action, and every transaction. Moreover, with smart baselining and automated root cause analysis, Dynatrace learns what's normal and abnormal for your environment, providing you with meaningful, timely notifications and actionable information—not bothersome alert storms and more data to pore over.

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Dynatrace is an all-in-one tool to manage user experience, application performance, cloud components, 3rd party monitoring, network metrics and log analytics.

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