JVM profiling

What is JVM profiling?

JVM profiling refers to the processes of monitoring and analyzing Java virtual machine (JVM) parameters and performance metrics including object creation, thread execution, method execution, heap memory, and garbage collection. Profiling is typically carried out to track and analyze memory and CPU usage for performance tuning purposes.

JVM profiling tools help you collect the metrics necessary for implementing Java troubleshooting and for improving the overall efficiency and performance of your Java application delivery environment. Using JVM profiling tools, you can find memory leaks, resolve garbage collection delays, detect deadlocks, identify synchronization issues, and investigate other memory- or performance-related problems. With the right tool, you can better understand the health and behavior of your Java application delivery environment and diagnose performance issues quicker.

All Java process details at a glance.

Tools used for JVM profiling

There are a variety of tools that can be used to implement JVM profiling and carry out Java application troubleshooting. One type of tool commonly used for JMX monitoring and JVM profiling is built-in monitoring and management utilities. Custom in-house tools and third-party Java profilers are also used by many teams as part of their Java monitoring toolkit.

Although these types of profilers are helpful for memory leak detection and CPU usage tracking, they're best suited for development environments because of the negative impact they can have on application performance. Moreover, the profiling data supplied by these tools can be difficult to interpret, and most are not equipped with an alerting mechanism to notify you when performance or resource consumption thresholds are breached.

In production environments, an application performance monitoring (APM) tool will be a better option for JVM profiling. If Java monitoring is supported by the tool, an APM solution can be run in staging and production environments—with minimal overhead—and offer you the metrics and method-level visibility you need to optimize the performance and resource usage of your JVM and Java applications.

JVM performance and memory analysis.

A JVM profiling solution for the entire application lifecycle

Dynatrace is a full-stack monitoring solution that supports most Java frameworks, features powerful fully integrated JVM profiling tools, and is also surprisingly easy to install and use. From intuitive pre-configured dashboards, your teams can view detailed JVM system performance and resource utilization metrics in real time. Get instant access to the data you need to optimize memory management and improve the efficiency, stability, and performance of your Java applications.

Dynatrace deploys quickly and easily with zero configuration required. In minutes, our patented technologies auto-discover and map all components and dependencies in your application delivery environment. Dynatrace OneAgent collects information for all processes found on all application levels, providing you with the most complete monitoring solution available.

Dynatrace is equipped with user, application, database, and server monitoring capabilities including Linux performance and Apache monitoring tools—and automated root cause analysis. Using artificial intelligence, Dynatrace identifies the underlying cause of performance issues, notifying you when anomalies are detected and providing you with actionable information. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating with Dynatrace.

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Monitor Java memory management and see the impact of Garbage collection on performance.

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