Application troubleshooting

What is application troubleshooting?

Application troubleshooting refers to the process of diagnosing and resolving performance issues in software applications. Application troubleshooting tools help developers, architects, and operations teams find and eliminate performance bottlenecks and critical issues affecting the end user experience.

As always-on, global digital business becomes the norm, competitive firms are realizing that reactive application troubleshooting simply doesn't cut it. When your competitiveness is dependent on the performance, availability, and user experience of your applications, proactive performance management is vital to the success of your business. Dynatrace is a comprehensive APM solution that empowers your teams to carry out proactive application troubleshooting and performance management, providing you with superior visibility and actionable insight into every aspect of your application delivery environment.

Dynatrace combines deep-dive application performance management capabilities with digital experience monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring, and cloud monitoring tools plus a fully integrated event log analyzer.

Analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack—down to each individual transaction—across all layers and technologies.

Simplify and accelerate application troubleshooting with a smarter solution

Application troubleshooting doesn't have to be tedious and time-consuming. It's easy to get overwhelmed with lots of different tools and metrics when you're relying on traditional data center monitoring tools, built-in diagnostic utilities, and various debuggers and profilers to hunt down the root cause of performance problems. With a smart APM solution like Dynatrace, you can save time and energy by eliminating the need for multiple tools. Instead of juggling between Java profilers, JVM profiling tools, and heap analyzers, for example, you can use one solution for all your Java troubleshooting tasks.

Dynatrace is a full-stack monitoring solution that provides you with a real-time end-to-end view of every component, system, and service involved in the delivery of your applications. With our Smartscape visualizations, you get a bird's eye view of your entire application environment, helping you better understand integration points among the components in your tech stack and how services are called by your application—knowledge critical for simplifying complex WebOps tasks like Tomcat troubleshooting. And with our PurePath technology, you can drill down for code-level detail about individual transactions or requests—granular data necessary for optimizing application performance.

Find the root-cause of performance problems in minutes, from poorly executing code, to redundant DB queries, to memory leaks or architectural bottlenecks.

AI-powered, automated APM for simple, proactive application troubleshooting

Dynatrace is for developers, testers, architects, and operations teams that don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to use another tool or sifting through a lot of unhelpful data. Dynatrace is for teams that want answers—actionable information to resolve problems fast.

Our easy-to-use yet powerful solution simplifies application troubleshooting, letting you take a proactive approach to managing and optimizing the performance of your applications. Dynatrace is:

  • Automated: Dynatrace automatically discovers and maps your entire application topology and all dependencies in minutes, showing you the most relevant metrics via preconfigured dashboards.
  • AI-powered: Dynatrace applies AI algorithms to learn how your application performs under load, detect anomalies, rank problems based on the level of impact to your users, and diagnose critical performance issues.
  • DevOps-friendly: Dynatrace integrates seamlessly with the best DevOps tools for application and database continuous integration and delivery, so you can deploy high-quality applications and features faster.

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Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack, from your customers' web browsers to your applications, down to containers, infrastructure and cloud.

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