SAP ERP monitoring

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For many enterprises, day-to-day business performance hinges on the performance of SAP business applications. Because SAP applications are complex and highly customized, the critical task of SAP performance monitoring presents a formidable challenge to IT operations teams.

With many points of failure that are outside the app itself, when applications fail or response time rises, a "blamestorm" forms as each department scrambles to prove their system is not the one at fault.

With Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (NAM), you can identify and solve problems fast across your entire SAP landscape. From the end user (SAP GUI) across the WAN, through Citrix or WAN optimization controllers, Dynatrace delivers the real-time insights you need.

SAP ERP monitoring

See Dynatrace SAP monitoring in action

Check out this video that shows a quick 5-minute demonstration of how Dynatrace can take data from agents and from the wire to give a full picture of the performance of a complex application like SAP. Auto discovery of applications and services. Problem identification and deep understanding of proprietary SAP protocols, it’s all in there. You’ll know about and solve the problem before the users even know it happened.

100% of SAP user transactions, 24/7

  • Proactively monitor all users and SAP transactions, from all locations, through all infrastructure tiers.
  • Quickly detect, prioritize, isolate and resolve SAP performance and availability issues before they impact your business.
  • Automatically discover and recognize SAP processes and individual user names.
  • Identify end-user performance issues by user and type of transaction that user performed.

SAP user transactions

Deep visibility into SAP GUI protocol (DIAG)

Get visibility into your SAP applications with 100% visibility into user experience. Monitor the performance of the entire SAP and non-SAP landscape, including back-end SQL database and integration tiers between SAP and external applications such as Adobe or SharePoint.

SAP GUI protocol

Ramp SAP user adoption and usage in no time

Ensure that your SAP users are getting the best experience with SAP leading to better and faster adoption of the processes, gains in employee productivity and ultimately faster return on investment.

SAP User Adoption

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