Why Dynatrace for OpenStack?

If you’re considering Dynatrace or any other solution for monitoring OpenStack, you owe it to yourself to get all the facts. Take this side-by-side comparison to see how Dynatrace makes a difference by giving full stack view into OpenStack and everything running on it, all the way up to the end user.

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Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Built for cloud-native environments

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic Datadog Open Source tools
Full stack discovery and monitoring of OpenStack ecosystems

Automatic correlation of application events to OpenStack control pane events

Seamless integration of OpenStack service availability and performance metrics

Touch-free discovery and full stack monitoring of Docker containers and containerized applications

Full AWS and Azure integration into AI causation engine

Native PaaS platform support for Cloud Foundry, OpenShift

Automatic performance baselining

AI-powered analytics & embedded expertise

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic Datadog Open Source tools
Self-learning AI automatically locates problem inflicting components and identifies root causes while eliminating alert spam

Real-time discovery and visualisation of application topologies enterprise-wide

Orchestration layer integration and automated problem remediation

AI-powered VoiceOps and ChatOps

Fully automated hyper-scale monitoring

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic Datadog Open Source tools
Single agent deployment, automated instrumentation including log file discovery, full-stack coverage

SaaS, On-premises and hybrid deployment packages, architectural high availability

Scalability to 100,000+ hosts

Elastic pricing models: consumption based, annual plans, perpetual licenses

Enterprise unified monitoring

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic Datadog Open Source tools
Full-stack monitoring in a single solution: users, applications, cloud and infrastructure including process and network metrics and log analytics

User experience analytics: individual session visibility, web and mobile applications, all digital touchpoints

100% technology coverage: cloud-native, enterprise technologies and packaged apps

Built for DevOps & Continuous Delivery processes

Raymond James chooses Dynatrace over AppDynamics

“Before buying Dynatrace we had very little visibility into our applications. The factor that makes it difficult is the complexity of the heterogeneous environment. You also have external influences. You need a system to be able to actually see the whole ecosystem and see where the performance problems are. Customer experience is key. The minute the user satisfaction goes down it’s a call to action. We jump on problems before the first call comes in.”

Jeff Palmiero, APM Manager at Raymond James

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Dynatrace is the only APM vendor giving complete insight into OpenStack and everything running on it

  • Resource utilization, OpenStack services, service availability and log files in one single dashboard
  • Automatically correlated with real user and business metrics
  • Smart analysis and alerting powered by AI
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes with no configuration
  • Full scalability
Dynatrace provides an overview of your OpenStack services.

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We develop Dynatrace hand-in-hand with our biggest customers


"It was the teamwork between the development team, operations, and the vendor, something difficult to do without Dynatrace in place."

  • Edson Bagio, System Admin, Whirlpool

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McGraw-Hill Education

“I’ve used the competition... it can’t do what Dynatrace can do.”

  • Shane Shelton, Senior Director of App Performance, McGraw-Hill Education

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