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Dynatrace is the trusted solution for monitoring OpenShift.

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OpenShift requires a new approach beyond traditional monitoring

72% of CIOs say monitoring microservices in real-time is almost impossible.

  • Microservices and containers

microservices and containers and their interdependencies are always changing.

  • Hybrid multi-cloud

of hybrid multi-clouds increases the effort of monitoring exponentially.

  • Web-scale

and frequency of change are far beyond the capacity of the human brain.

Introducing software intelligence for OpenShift

AI-powered insights and actions

Simplify cloud complexity and tame microservice architectures with automation and AI. Move beyond APM and traditional monitoring with our all-in-one platform.

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"What really distinguishes Dynatrace from others is the use of AI-powered root-cause analysis. OpenShift is a platform to allow you to run decoupled services and applications, which can be a monitoring nightmare, but Dynatrace’s insights makes it less scary."

Chris Morgan, Technical Director, OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat

Master containers and microservices

Dynatrace OneAgent Operator automates deployment onto OpenShift and Kubernetes nodes. No manual effort is required for configuration and updates. Automatically, microservices and containers are continuously discovered and modeled without code or image changes.

Service flow

Dynatrace dashboard

One platform,
full visibility

Simply monitor and orchestrate applications, clusters, and underlying cloud infrastructure in OpenShift. Dynatrace helps you to automate your entire hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem.

Automate cloud operations

Stay on top of scale and continuous delivery

Dynatrace scales to 100k+ hosts out-of-the-box, providing software intelligence for production and pre-production environments.

Dynatrace helps DevOps teams accelerate building and running new cloud native apps with OpenShift and Ansible.

Management Zones with role based access ensure the right teams have access to the correct answers at the right time.


Full automation at scale along the product lifecycle

Purpose-built for OpenShift and hybrid enterprise clouds

  • Automated


Minimize manual effort with the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator and continuous auto-discovery.

  • full stack

Full stack

See all components of your OpenShift environment and their dependencies in real-time.

  • AIOps


Automate operations with precise insights by our deterministic, causation-based AI.

Unique scalability and deployment capabilities

  • Scalability

Web-scale for 100.000+ hosts

Built cloud-native, Dynatrace is highly scalable, available, and secure.

  • Security

Enterprise governance and security

Dynatrace provides role-based access in sync with OpenShift pods and services.

  • Automated

Flexible deployment options

Choose between SaaS and managed for your hosted or on-premises PaaS.

Discover our platform

Why Dynatrace is perfect for Red Hat OpenShift


Many agents​ Single agent

One agent to monitor your full stack. Native support for Red Hat OpenShift.

Everything is manual Fully automated

Deployment and continuous discovery and mapping without code or container image changes. Automatic updates, discovery, baselining, anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Multiple tools, limited functionality All-in-one

APM, cloud infrastructure monitoring, AIOps, digital experience management and more for hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Alert flood Deterministic AI

Precisely pinpointing the root cause of issues automatically. Causation based, not just correlating data.

Not working at scale Designed for web-scale

100,000+ hosts, designed for cloud native and hybrid enterprise cloud environments.

Purpose-built for hybrid multi-cloud environments

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