z/OS code modules changelog for 7.2 release

Monthly PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) are available for Dynatrace z/OS components for 7.2 release through cumulative monthly maintenance, which is recommended for all 7.2 users.

To download the cumulative PTFs, JCL exists in the sample library that's created during the initial SMPE install (hilevel.LZDT72.SZDTSAMP). FTPMAINT and RFNMAINT facilitate downloads from a Dynatrace FTP server with RFNMAINT taking advantage of Receive from Network technology.

If you're using RFNMAINT, please update your JCL with the hash contained in the RFNINSTL job in the aforementioned link.

Resolved and known issues

Date Program Temporary Fix What's impacted Description
2021 May DTP040A IMS

ONE-57787 Last PTF in 7.2.

  • Impact: 7.2 End of Support.
  • Cause: Installation and/or maintenance will not be performed using SMP/E.
  • Solution: Follow the new installation guide for installation from a .pax file.
2021 May DTP039A IMS

ONE-50032 IMS transactions S0C4 with OneAgent injected and DL/I sensor enabled.

  • Impact: Low, only occurs for a DL/I INQY call when using LE.
  • Cause: The passed AIB block has been freed by LE upon return to the sensor.
  • Solution: Events are now sent before the call (instead of after the call).
2021 May DTP038A CICS

ONE-47877 0C1/0C4 may occur in ZDTAGTxx program in certain scenarios

  • Impact: Low, only occurs when CICS code module is re-enabled while a long running task is in progress.
  • Cause: CICS code module points to a stale workarea causing S0C2/S0C4 abend.
  • Solution: Clear out the eyecatcher in workarea when the CICS code module is disabled.
2020 June DTP037A CICS


  • Impact: Medium, restore old tag length for soap.
  • Cause: IBM bug, apply this after IBM CICS APAR PH21320.
  • Solution: Puts back the full tag length of the soap header.
2020 June DTP036A ZDC

ONE-36371 Enable host and process metrics for z/OS.

  • Impact: Medium, new functionality.
  • Cause: None.
  • Solution: New code enables z/OS Dynatrace Metrics.
2020 May DTP035A CICS

APM-233529 S0C4 Abend may occur when Dynatrace CICS is DISABLED

  • Impact: High, Program abend.
  • Cause: CICS EXITALL processing may not complete correctly.
  • Solution: Modified code to ensure proper EXITALL completion.
2020 May DTP034A IMS

ONE-36211 S0C4 Abend may occur in Injection Utility after Garbage Collection Function

  • Impact: High, Program abend.
  • Cause: Overlay of ECSA Storage.
  • Solution: Modified code to correct the error.
2020 April DTP033A IMS

ONE-33528 S0C4 Abend in DLI Sensor Code for Certain IMS Regions/Transactions

  • Impact: High, Program abend.
  • Cause: Invalid register contents.
  • Solution: Modified code to correct the error.
2020 February DTP032A CICS

ONE-31236 Track TCP/IP Port Numbers for Monitored Processes

  • Impact: Medium, New functionality.
  • Cause: None.
  • Solution: New code improves correlation of z/OS processes and the services they provide in the Dynatrace User Interface.
2020 February DTP031A IMS

ONE-32400 IMS Injection Utility Should Display Reason for Agent Being Disabled

  • Impact: Medium, Missing information.
  • Cause: No message is produced when the agent is found in a disabled state.
  • Solution: Added code to provide more informative diagnostic information.
2020 February DTP030A IMS

ONE-32263 Abend S32E in CSECT IGC046 reason code 120

  • Impact: High, abend.
  • Cause: A STIMERM macro was set to use the wrong storage area.
  • Solution: Code was corrected to use the DSA, rather than KEY0 ECSA Storage.
2020 February DTP029A CICS

ONE-32264 SOAP Action Can Corrupt Outbound Webservice Calls

  • Impact: High, Possible data corruption.
  • Cause: When the DFHWS-SOAPACTION container is greater than 256 bytes, corrupted outbound requests can occur.
  • Solution: Modified code to limit the container to 256 bytes.
2020 February DTP028A IMS

ONE-31914 IMS Corrupted Purepaths and Other Errors for JMP

  • Impact: High, Possibility for a corrupted Purepath.
  • Cause: When a call is made to the JMP to initiate commit processing, a corrupted Purepath may result.
  • Solution: Modified code to correct the error.
2020 February DTP027A CICS

ONE-30650 DTAX MVS Modify Support

  • Impact: Medium, Adds functionality to view DTAX status from MVS console.
  • Cause: None.
  • Solution: Added new code.
2020 January DTP026A CICS

APM-209664 Abend S0C4 in Omegamon CICS When Dynatrace is Active

  • Impact: Medium, Inability to use both products concurrently.
  • Cause: Incorrect pointer observable by RMI exit.
  • Solution: Restore original value.
2020 January DTP024A IMS

ONE-31125 Verify BCF Fast Serialization on pre z11 Hardware

  • Impact: Medium, Performance improvement.
  • Cause: None.
  • Solution: Changed code to use normal serialization when BCR Fast Utilization is not supported on hardware.
2020 January DTP023A IMS

ONE-30295 Adjust RWA Display Length for Earlier RWA Version Levels

  • Impact: High, Incorrect output and/or diagnostic utility Abend.
  • Cause: Region work area is shorter in earlier versions of the IMS Agent.
  • Solution: Corrected code to be agent version sensitive for Region Work Area length.
2020 January DTP022A IMS

ONE-30344 Improve IMS DB2/MQ Sensor Placement Failure Diagnostics

  • Impact: Medium, Sensor placement failure diagnostic message may not contain true reason for failure.
  • Cause: None.
  • Solution: Added additional diagnostic message text to further describe the reason for the failure.
2019 November DTP021A IMS

ONE-206231 IMS Agent Initialization may fail

  • Impact: High, IMS Control Region Agent Initialization Failure.
  • Cause: Jobname on the INIT message does not match address space control block.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 November DTP020A CICS

ONE-29428 DTAX DISABLE may cause TRUE storage to be freed

  • Impact: High, Multiple symptoms.
  • Cause: DTAX DISABLE releases storage still in use.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 November DTP019A IMS

ONE-21746 Path truncation on MQGET to Secondary Queue

  • Impact: High, Incorrect Purepath.
  • Cause: Occurs when first MQ queue is closed before opening the second.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 November DTP018A CICS

ONE-29167 Message ZDTP009I may be inadvertently issued

  • Impact: Low, Erroneous message.
  • Cause: Program error during DTAX processing.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 November DTP017A ZDC

ONE-28532 ZDC Transactiontimeout value has been deprecated

  • Impact: Low, Documentation update.
  • Cause: A parameter value has been removed.
  • Solution: Sample member ZDCPARMS has been updated.
2019 November DTP016A IMS

ONE-28077 Possible S0C4 Abend in ADK Instrumented IMS Application

  • Impact: High, IMS Application Abend.
  • Cause: Residual argument values.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 November DTP015A CICS

ONE-28288 Erroneous CICS Error Message (resp:63, resp2:3)

  • Impact: Medium, Invalid error message.
  • Cause: A DTAX enable appears to fail, when it is already enabled.
  • Solution: Changed code to remove message.
2019 September DTP014A CICS

ONE-25182 Enable CICS LE Support

  • Impact: Medium, New support.
  • Cause: No ability to monitor CICS LE requests.
  • Solution: Added new support.
2019 September DTP013A IMS

ONE-26413 ABEND diagnostic messages may show invalid offset in ZDTIIInn

  • Impact: High, Incorrect output.
  • Cause: Invalid abend address in recovery routine.
  • Solution: Added code to correctly calculate offset.
2019 September DTP012A IMS

ONE-26190 IMS ADK insert link event message not sent to ZDC

  • Impact: High, Missing messages.
  • Cause: Message buffer overwrite.
  • Solution: Added code to correct condition.
2019 September DTP011A IMS

ONE-25960 IMS Agent ABEND S0C4 in ZDTIII14 offset +9F7C

  • Impact: High, IMS Abend.
  • Cause: The IMS Agent may abend after an IMS Application Abend.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2019 September DTP010A CICS

ONE-24112 Enable CICS agent to support SOAP apphandlers

  • Impact: Medium, new support.
  • Cause: No Purepaths on CICS SOAP service.
  • Solution: Added new support.
2019 June DTP009A CICS

ONE-25230 CICS DTAX enabled but no CICS subpaths created

  • Impact: High, no CICS subpaths.
  • Cause: DSALim not being set correctly.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 June DTP008A CICS

APM-176139 No reported CICS data because the initial connection to zDC fails

  • Impact: High, Data not flowing from CICS to the zRemote.
  • Cause: Initial connection to zDC in the PLT fails.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 June DTP007A CICS

ONE-24343 Support for CTG Invoking Remote Programs

  • Impact: Medium, new support.
  • Cause: Remote Programs.
  • Solution: Added support.
2019 May DTP006A CICS

ONE-24288 ZDTP0055 Start DTAX ICE Failed-z/OS

  • Impact: High, DTAX fails and high CPU.
  • Cause: Multiple REQID's scheduled to run.
  • Solution: Add cancel REQID before doing the next start.
2019 May DTP005A IMS

ONE-22027 Missing Purepaths when CTL Region Unregisters

  • Impact: Medium, Missing Purepaths.
  • Cause: CTL Region not initialized or unregistered.
  • Solution: Add code to perform CTL Region INIT.
2019 May DTP004A IMS

ONE-23104 IMS Agent ABEND if MQ Trigger Monitor and Shared Queues Plex

  • Impact: Medium, IMS Agent ABEND.
  • Cause: MQ Trigger transaction started on one IMS but processed on another IMS.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 May DTP003A CICS DTAX

ONE-23325 Missing or Incorrect messages in DTAX

  • Impact: Low, missing or incorrect messages.
  • Cause: ZDTP010I not getting called.
  • Solution: Changed code to resolve.
2019 March DTP002A Samples

ONE-22963 Install samples are incorrect

  • Impact: Low, can be manually modified or copied from the Dynatrace web site.
  • Cause: New version and artifact repository.
  • Solution: Updated members in .SZDTSAMP.
2019 March DTP001A CICS

ONE-22107 DTAX transaction abends 0C4 after zDC restart

  • Impact: Low, only occurs when ZDC is re-started.
  • Cause: An internal control block is not initialized.
  • Solution: Changed code to check parameters after initialization is complete.