Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.227

Web application monitoring

To improve web application monitoring, you can now configure Angular package name for Angular 12 applications.

Application Security

  • New metrics related to process groups are now available.
  • You can now define custom security-monitoring rules based on host tags and management zones in your Kubernetes environment. You need to add tags on the host and on the Kubernetes node.


You can now pin a filtered Problems dashboard tile from the Problems page.


The Kubernetes cluster details page now has additional navigation controls that make it possible to navigate to the related namespaces, workloads, and pods of the Kubernetes cluster. Also, to improve consistency with other Kubernetes pages, navigation links on the Kubernetes cluster details page have been moved to the browse menu () in the upper-right corner of the page.

ingress-nginx instrumentation for Kubernetes

You can manually instrument the NGINX process of the official ingress-nginx controller container image on Kubernetes by editing the configmap. See Instrument ingress-nginx for Kubernetes for details.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.227.

Heads up: endpoints to be removed

Deprecated API v2 endpoints /metrics/descriptors and /metrics/series will be removed as of Dynatrace SaaS version 1.228.

These endpoints are superseded by endpoints /metrics and /metrics/query respectively. To learn how to use these endpoints, see Metrics API - GET metrics and Metrics API - GET metric data points.

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.227.98)

26 total resolved issues


  • Fixed a problem with naming of XHR actions. (APM-323738)
  • Resolved issue in which a single value visualization did not show data. (APM-322096)
  • Resolved issue in which a single value trendline was not shown for isolated points. (APM-322136)
  • Fixed a bug related to enabling/disabling RUM on the process group level. (APM-321764)
  • Resolved issue in which the single value visualization did not show the alias name. (APM-321759)


  • Improved IP address mapping upload. (APM-322884)
  • Fixed a bug in aggregation of Kubernetes resources (limits/requests): if none of the containers have resources configured, the aggregation to namespace will now show "No data" instead of 0. (APM-321881)
  • IBM MQ Listener type services will now write request count metrics correctly. (APM-322918)
  • Resolved issue in which ActiveGates were not displayed when an ActiveGate group was selected in the extension activation flow. (APM-323226)
  • Fixed a bug in the Kubernetes pods list filter, in which filter suggestions sometimes were not filtered by the previously selected filters. (APM-319519)
  • Improved detection of invalid resource timings. (APM-321287)

Dynatrace API

  • Resolved issue in which, using "OneAgent on a host" API, incorrect values were returned for ActiveGate ID. The "currentActiveGateId" property of integer type has been deprecated. Existing requests will still work. Use the newly introduced "currentActiveGateIds" field of String list type. (APM-321953)


  • Couchbase `swap used` metric calculation changed from the sum of all samples from all buckets to the maximum value from those samples. (APM-323433)


  • The "Other processes" memory usage metric on Windows hosts now excludes kernel memory usage. (APM-323860)

Problem detection and notifications

  • Fixed an issue with the alerting profiles problem filter on the Problems page and in Problems API v2, where the default alerting profile didn't match a problem at any time if it didn't match at the time when the problem was created. (APM-322151)

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Fixed missing XHR action timings of expanded synthetic event on non-opt-in browser monitor details page. (APM-323425)
  • Resolved issue in which blocked resources were displayed twice (as blocked and unblocked) in the Synthetic waterfall. They are now only displayed as blocked. (APM-322855)

User interface

  • Resolved issue in which, when a filter value with user name, action, or anything else with text was displayed in the filter field, extra quotes were added. (APM-308484)
  • Fixed a problem with the RUM JavaScript version on the `OneAgent updates` configuration page. (APM-323577)
  • Resolved issue with adding and removing filters on "User sessions" page. (APM-318014)
  • Resolved an issue in which, when the user details page was opened and there was missing data and an error to be shown, the page crashed and the session had to be restarted. (APM-320613)
  • Resolved issue in which, on "Session Details" page, filters previously applied and removed were once again applied when a new filter was applied. (APM-320367)
  • To resolve issue in which, for some UI services, methodName is currently unachievable, these places were rolled back from name-based lookup to id-based lookup. (APM-323988)
  • Resolved issue in which, after applying `Live` or range filters on the "User sessions" page, the user session link failed. (APM-321748)
  • Resolved issue with editing filters with double quotes on "Users sessions" page and user and session details pages. (APM-306439)
  • Fixed error that occurred when setting filter for hosts in extension activation flow. (APM-322682)

Update 111 (1.227.111)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.227 release.


  • Resolved an issue that could cause rollbacks to old settings. (APM-327754)