Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.221

New menu design

Because the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform comes with so many capabilities right out of the box and offers so many additional options, we knew we needed to make it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

That's why, starting with Dynatrace version 1.221, the Dynatrace menu has a totally new design.

  • Dynatrace capabilities are organized into groups tailored to broad use cases
  • The menu filter lets you display only the entries that match what you're looking for
  • The Favorites section lets you build a list of your personal favorites, so they're always right at your fingertips

Anonymization of user events

You can now anonymize page events of user sessions using the Anonymization API.

Kubernetes monitoring

Kubernetes monitoring now provides the Container restarts metric, builtin:cloud.kubernetes.pod.containerRestarts. The number of container restarts within a pod.

RUM: Filter for HTTP error code ranges

In the application pages, you can now filter data using the HTTP error code ranges.

HTTP error ranges


You can now disable license-related notifications for non-admin users.

How to disable license-related notifications for non-admin users

Extensions 2.0: extension package size limit

We increased the extension package size limit to 500 KB to accommodate space for the requests library for coming Python extensions.

Shared dashboards are presets now

We migrated shared dashboards to presets.

  • The published property (in both the web UI and the API) is no longer in use.
  • The preset property has the same effect, making the dashboard visible for everyone in the environment.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.221.

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.221.85)

16 total resolved issues (1 critical issue, 1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 3 (1 vulnerability)
Dashboards 3 (1 critical)
Dynatrace API 3
Extensions 1
Problem detection and notification 1
Transactions and services 2
User interface 1


  • View change information is now masked in user sessions. (APM-306296)
  • Improved how JavaScript API based user session and user action properties are specified. (APM-305707)


  • Clarified text of Trello integration page. (APM-307954)
  • Reports now consider the setting for excluding periods with maintenance windows from availability calculation. Previously, maintenance windows would always be excluded from availability in reports. (APM-307508)
  • Vulnerability: URL parameters that under certain circumstances were not masked at storage but are masked at display, will be masked according to user permissions. (APM-307314)


  • Fixed overly strict permissions for the `Key user action` dashboard tile. (APM-308345)
  • Improved `Live user activity` dashboard tile handling of management zone filters. (APM-308596)
  • Critical issue: Performance improvement for the Kubenetes preset dashboards, "Kubernetes workload overview" in particular. (APM-309617)

Dynatrace API

  • Fixed annotations for auto-update jobs API documentation. (APM-304750)
  • Calculated service metrics REST API Regex validator now uses the correct restrictions. (APM-307861)
  • Constraint violations removed: entityId can now be changed; calculated service metrics can now also be created with "entityId" field via PUT request (APM-306878)


  • Renamed `message` field in Extensions 2.0 event response object to `content`. (APM-307881)

Problem detection and notification

  • Resolved issue in which, when the availability state of a process group instance changed several times within a minute, only the first unavailable state triggered an FDI alert. Now other unavailable states should also trigger an FDI alert. (APM-306239)

Transactions and services

  • Resolved an issue with missing PurePath link in the waterfall. (APM-307325)
  • Added additional comparison parameter for request attributes: now they can be correctly distinguished from each other and therefore get correct IDs. (APM-306797)

User interface

  • Data explorer improved to allow sharing a link with a timeframe greater than `Last 24 hours`. (APM-306260)

Update 95 (1.221.95)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.221 release.


  • Fixed an issue in which navigation from a dashboard to the Data explorer resulted in a 400 error. (APM-310542)