Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.215

Improved network traffic compression for OneAgents

We have improved the mechanism of compressing network traffic in OneAgents. The expected traffic reduction amounts to 20% to 60%, depending on your payloads. The improved compression is automatically activated for all OneAgents with version 1.207+ as soon as the Cluster is upgraded to version 1.215.

Non-proxy integration on AWS Lambda

We now support AWS lambda non-proxy integration for Node.js and Python. For more information, see Configure the AWS API Gateway.

Fine-tuned user agent strings

We fine-tuned the way user agent strings are resolved for Real User Monitoring. This can result in minor changes to user agent strings and is expected for timeseries values in particular. For example, it is now Microsoft Edge instead of Edge Browser.

New problems overview page

We released a new problem list to replace the old card-based list. Based on your feedback, it features a sortable table view, aggregation chart, and more.

New dtCookie format

Starting with Dynatrace 1.215, the dtCookie format changes as indicated in Cookies. If the dtCookie is blocked or modified by an unsupported OneAgent to an old format, the correlation between requests and actions will not work.

Actions required:

  1. If you instrumented your app manually, update the code snippet to version 1.215+.
  2. Prepare your firewall/security appliance to allow the new format in case you apply filtering, which is a recommended practice.
  3. If you still use unsupported OneAgent version 1.167 or earlier for monitoring your apps for RUM, make sure you update your OneAgents at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, the cookie regenerated by OneAgent will be detected as invalid.

New DEM metrics names

We improved the display names of Digital Experience Monitoring metrics using a common naming standard that indicates the related entity type (RUM web applications, RUM mobile and custom apps, or Synthetic Monitoring) and the attributes by which the metric is split.

Support for Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

You can now monitor Azure SQL Database Hyperscale and manage alerting rules for this Azure supporting service.

Synthetic Monitoring location changes

On October 29, 2021, Microsoft Cloud Deutschland will close.

As a result:

  • We will close two Dynatrace public Synthetic locations: Frankfurt (Azure) and Magdeburg (Azure)
  • We have created two new public Synthetic locations and an easy path to transitioning your monitors to the new locations
  • If you have monitors assigned to the closing locations, your action may be required.

To see how these changes may affect you and how we have minimized the impact on you, please refer to Public Synthetic locations.

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.215.95)

22 total resolved issues


  • Resolved issue with graph tiles not displaying isolated data points. (APM-288870)


  • Resolved issue that caused Smartscape topology to sometimes truncate result counts. (APM-288329)
  • Improved performance for CGI metrics in custom charting. (APM-289009)
  • Resolved issue resulting in only differential backups, not full backups. (APM-291018)
  • An error page is no longer displayed when a user with permissions only in a management zone opens the "Host settings" or "Host group settings" page. (APM-289012)
  • On the "Network overview" page, `Host group` filter suggestions are now properly displayed when a management zone is selected. (APM-290353)
  • Custom services can now be created for .NET 5+ applications. (APM-291589)
  • Resolved issue in which, on "Host settings" page, "Monitoring" sometimes displayed `Partially on` instead of `On` for detected processes. (APM-289781)
  • Resolved a corner-case in custom charting of CGI metrics that resulted in an HTTP 404 page. (APM-289156)
  • Resolved issue that caused charts not to display when there were dimension tuples with no data points for the selected timeframe. (Dimension tuples with no data points for the selected timeframe are now filtered out.) (APM-288628)
  • Fixed issue in which `nextPageKey` was missing from Problems API v2. (APM-289964)
  • Resolved an issue in which timeseries data was lost if the nodes of a cluster were running on different versions for more than 14 days. (APM-291443)
  • Resolved issue in which certain request attributes prevented the creation/capture of certain other request attributes. (APM-292083)
  • Setting the legend of a remote custom chart tile on a dashboard to hidden is now correctly reflected in the chart. (APM-291036)

Dynatrace API

  • Most changes made to a request attribute via the REST API no longer affect unchanged parts of the request attribute. The values sent by OneAgent will still be captured. (APM-285794)
  • Resolved a problem in the Metrics Rest API where the requested resolution would be ignored if it was set to a data point count. (APM-288713)

Dynatrace Hub

  • Resolved issue with Dynatrace Hub search of extension details. (APM-292095)

Infrastructure monitoring

  • It is now possible to edit information (such as name and description) for an extension uploaded to Dynatrace Hub. (APM-290849)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Resolved issue in which HTTP monitors showed no data after update to deployments with Cluster ActiveGate and multiple environments. (APM-291506)

User assistance

  • Resolved issue with `User action duration` filter on "User sessions" page. (APM-291939)
  • Fixed inconsistency in successful method request percentage calculation for SLO that caused values over 100%. (APM-291333)

User interface

  • Resolved issue with links to the user details page through breadcrumbs and the summary section. (APM-289911)

Update 107 (1.215.107)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.215 release.