Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.212

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.212.5)

18 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 16 (1 critical)
plugin agent 1
user assistance 1


  • Session Replay for mobile is now enabled if sessionReplayOnCrashEnabled is set to true when creating a mobile app using the REST API. (APM-280687)
  • Improved Dynatrace Cluster memory usage. (APM-281983)
  • Fixed placeholder image displayed for OneAgent diagnostics when there are no analyzed issues. (APM-281206)
  • Notification of reaching DDU pool limit is now displayed. (APM-280622)
  • Charts showing the following have been fixed: `Request Count` for WebSphere Liberty servers, and connection pool `Wait Time` and `In Use Time` for WebSphere Application Servers. (APM-282045)
  • Improved download command for OneAgent and ActiveGate installer for Windows to work correctly out of the box on wider range of Windows family operating systems (explicitly defined to use TLS 1.2 security protocol). (APM-280820)
  • When a log is added to storage in log viewer summarized mode, log content is now correctly uploaded to storage. (APM-266019)
  • Resolved sorting issue on Service overview, "Multidimensional analysis views" section, "Modified" column. (APM-282092)
  • Third-party synthetic monitor page now correctly shows events/alerts related to steps of the monitor. (APM-281578)
  • Critical issue: Removed demo mode from Kubernetes pages. (APM-281704)
  • Resolved issue that resulted in failed request for Tomcat key metrics and subsequent error on Tomcat details page. (APM-281383)
  • Removed erroneous "on null" label from process group page. (APM-280677)
  • Resolved issue in which changing the device profile did not work when bulk editing synthetic browser monitors. (APM-280894)
  • The OpenShift icon is now shown on the Kubernetes cluster details page and for OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3.11 clusters. (APM-280907)
  • Updated "Cloud application" terminology to "Kubernetes" terminology (for example, on custom charting, management zone configuration, and the Kubernetes workloads page). (APM-283128)
  • In USQL, division or modulus by zero no longer leads to errors, but returns "NaN" or "Infinity". (APM-279347)

plugin agent

  • Resolved issue in which HAProxy extension threw a division by zero error when `slim` property was configured to 0. (APM-282030)

user assistance

  • EC2s that count as load balanced on AWS infographic now take ELB, ALB, and NLB into consideration, and the EC2 count of healthy instances balanced by NLB has been corrected. (APM-280659)