Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.211

New features and enhancements

Enhanced sharing options for dashboard API

The dashboard API received an update in the form of dedicated endpoints to control permissions and sharing of dashboards over the Dynatrace configuration API. It's now possible to grant view or edit permissions to users and user groups, as well as to configure multiple anonymous access links, and share dashboards publicly without requiring users to sign-in to Dynatrace.

  • This update introduces a breaking change to existing functionality in that results returned by the GET endpoint no longer contain the sharingDetails property in the dashboardMetadata object.
  • The Early Adopter state of existing dashboard API endpoints has been lifted, so no more breaking changes are expected anytime soon.
  • New dashboard API endpoints for sharing are introduced in an Early Adopter state, but are planned to be promoted soon.

Session Replay configuration for web applications via API

You can now adjust the Session Replay settings using Dynatrace API:

Metrics API: pagination

The Metrics API v2 no longer supports pagination. The nextPageKey field is still included in the response for compatibility reasons but it always has the value of null.

Delivered product ideas

RFE: Add the ability to rename a tag

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.211.84)

25 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)


  • Restored display of "You can also ingest third-party synthetic data..." section in "Create synthetic monitor" wizard. (APM-277925)
  • Improved performance of pages that list monitored hosts. (APM-278111)
  • Resolved issue that occurred when multiple instances of same third-party monitor test definition ID were sent in one REST message. (APM-278872)
  • Resolved issue in which synthetic monitor availability chart sometimes displayed incorrect date. (APM-278316)
  • The number of Cosmos DBs is now included in the number of database components in the Azure infographic. (APM-279902)
  • Improved processing of browser monitor signals. (APM-279980)
  • Data explorer tiles no longer show the unit when a metric is aggregated by count. (APM-277432)
  • Resolved issue with Oracle custom devices not being correlated to database services when the monitored database was registered with a high number of service names. (APM-278249)
  • Parent nodes for services within a management zone are no longer incorrectly masked for a user with permission to view sensitive data. (APM-278809)
  • When process groups and host groups no longer exist in the environment but are used as conditions for request attributes, Dynatrace now displays warning text on the request attribute configuration page to inform that the request attribute will no longer be captured. (APM-275556)
  • Resolved issue causing page crash when Others group on host details page, Events card, is selected. (APM-279370)
  • Resolved issue with injection mode setting during creation of agentless RUM application in the REST API. (APM-278007)
  • Removed dashboard name from messages on the dashboard list to avoid excessively long messages. (APM-278966)
  • The Service dashboard tile now respects the management zone. If the service is not contained in the currently selected management zone, "Permission denied" is displayed on the tile. (APM-278534)
  • Resolved issue in which the Settings > Backup page for the Dynatrace Managed cluster was blocked by the message "There is no running node so test cannot be executed. Try again after upgrade is finished." when the cluster had not been upgraded for more than a month. (APM-278327)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Fixed query filter option when no cluster IDs are specified. (APM-279022)
  • Disabled PaaS and API tokens are no longer displayed on Monitor Kubernetes/OpenShift deployment page. (APM-278397)
  • Resolved issue in which metric scraping of a pod might be skipped for a cycle. (APM-278418)

cloud automation solution

  • Critical issue: Resolved CPU saturation issue on Cassandra nodes related to costly management zone permission check for SLOs. (APM-277829)

dynatrace rest api

  • Fixed an issue in which the CSV-response in the metrics API would return a timestamp instead of the proper date and time format. (APM-279768)


  • Fixed invalid configuration for AWS Lambda OneAgent instrumentation for serverless framework and AWS CloudFormation configuration types. (APM-277799)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Synthetic monitor availability report, "Outage details" field, now displays correct failed event. (APM-279485)

user assistance

  • The Events API now returns the correct timestamp part of the ingested event ID. (APM-277974)
  • Improved RUM web application configuration API documentation. (APM-279667)

User Interface

  • Replaced message about planned improvement with message describing current solution: the newly generated token is displayed only once. (APM-279756)

Update 90 (1.211.90)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.211 release.


  • Resolved data loss issue that occurred when AWS calls were made and DDU credit was exhausted. (APM-283642)

Update 111 (1.211.111)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.211 release.