Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.208

  • Introduced new service detection logic for CICS and IMS transactions so that you can better understand your mainframe processing chain. Note that it may impact your existing dashboards and alerts if you've defined them on specific CICS/IMS services.

Delivered product ideas

Enhanced metric alerting configurations by adding dimensional placeholders, e.g.: to select dimension like the message queue name that should be sent out within the alert text. RFE: Add additional placeholders in Event description for custom event for alerting configuration

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.208.93)

37 total resolved issues


  • Improved RUM correlation. (APM-268963)
  • Resolved Dynatrace Hub issue resulting in "Technology details not yet available." and "Some capabilities are not available" messages. (APM-268687)
  • Fixed root cause analysis for maintenance window evidence. (APM-268004)
  • Web Application REST API GET now returns correct JSON that can be used as input for PUT request. (APM-267529)
  • The Problems tile now correctly shows the total count when a management zone is selected. (APM-270962)
  • Unavailable hosts with problem now also display problem indicator on hosts list. (APM-268003)
  • Improved RUM correlation. (APM-268246)
  • Clarified error message in case of sending incorrect metric selector to REST API. (APM-264260)
  • Improved consistency of Dynatrace Hub desktop and mobile versions. (APM-268610)
  • Fixed an issue that caused browser monitor outage problems to be generated after the end of a maintenance window even if browser monitor executions after the maintenance window were successful. (APM-269894)
  • On Kubernetes cluster details page, `Cluster utilization` now correctly hides data not permitted for user's management zones. (APM-273220)
  • Dynatrace Hub technology tiles are now more responsive to resizing. (APM-262901)
  • Fixed issue with custom alerts for built-in metric `other.crashAffectedUsersRate.os`. (APM-268968)
  • Performance improvement in actions involving backups (for example, following cluster upgrades and starting new nodes). (APM-269978)
  • Resolved issue with service call with no client side, and rules whose patterns contain placeholder for which there is no matching condition. (APM-221351)
  • Public REST API endpoint for mobile session properties and user action properties properties shows user action properties in a separate array. (APM-271537)
  • For synthetic private locations in user session data, the city name displayed is now the customized location name instead of the internal name. (APM-269732)
  • Waterfall analysis, View user session button, now correctly displays Session Details page. (APM-270886)
  • Resolved issue that resulted in `Timeseries/Metrics query without entity filter from caller` warning. (APM-269253)
  • Corrected billing for edge case when a user action is active at the same time the hourly use session billing is processed. (APM-267252)
  • Added the recent DOM element to the Visually Complete waterfall finding. (APM-267703)
  • Recreating a previously deleted request attribute now correctly displays the request attribute in the configuration UI. (APM-266514)
  • Propagated service tag sources of a request naming rule without manually defined tag context are set to CONTEXTLESS by default. (APM-265006)
  • Host details page is no longer missing events from Events API. (APM-268119)
  • Resolved an issue in which next-page-key header was omitted from the CSV response of the metric descriptors endpoint. Reduced the maximum page size for the metric descriptor endpoint to 500. (APM-268407)
  • Process group related tags are now available in the configuration UI request attribute tag selector. (APM-267307)
  • Updated UI text to better describe how the preview feature works. (APM-268841)
  • Fixed sorting by metrics values in instance table on Supporting Service page. (APM-270866)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Fixed issue in resolving top most controller for Kubernetes controllers. (APM-268560)


  • Fixed an issue where visually complete would show different values for synthetic and RUM. (ONE-50825)

on-prem installation

  • Improved messaging concerning schedule and status of backups. (APM-267559)

os agent

  • Fixed incorrect grouping of some Citrix Xen processes as Citrix VDA. (ONE-50287)

user assistance

  • User session list now properly considers management zones for synthetic tests. (APM-271144)

User Interface

  • User infographic information is now displayed faster on User Details page. (APM-270081)
  • Resolved issue with loading suggestions when editing filters on User Sessions and User Details pages. (APM-269461)
  • Improved consistency of extended user data on the new User Details page. (APM-270078)
  • Information on extended users in the user details page of `User sessions` is refreshed when the global timeframe is changed. (APM-269445)

Update 103 (1.208.103)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.


  • Calculated service metrics using Double data type request attribute again correctly record data. (APM-277385)

Update 103 (1.208.103)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.

Update 107 (1.208.107)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.208 release.

2 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
cloud automation solution 1 (1 critical)
Cluster 1

cloud automation solution

  • Critical issue: Resolved CPU saturation issue on Cassandra nodes related to costly management zone permission check for SLOs. (APM-277829)


  • Dynatrace memory usage improved. (APM-273612)