Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.207

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.207.174)

18 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 14
ace solution 1
activegate 1
Infrastructure 1
Synthetic monitoring 1


  • Unallowed aggregations for mobile session properties are no longer exposed via REST API. (APM-270210)
  • Resolved issue in which Kubernetes info message indicating unmonitored Kubernetes nodes was not shown for timeframes shorter than 15 minutes. (APM-265451)
  • Improved detection of resource types in the waterfall analysis. (APM-264756)
  • Public dashboards now refresh correctly after management zone setting is changed. They also now correctly state "All" instead of "No permissions" when shared without a specific management zone. (APM-266421)
  • Fixed an issue in which the Save button was not displayed when editing a regex condition within tagging and management zone configuration. (APM-264445)
  • It is now possible to filter for Kubernetes labels that consist of a key without a value. (APM-263424)
  • Resolved issue leading to error screen when using browser back from Dynatrace Hub tile details. (APM-259977)
  • Fixed issue with package uploads timing out after 2 minutes on slow connections. (APM-264383)
  • Resolved potential drop of processed sessions during upgrade to version 206. (APM-271158)
  • Fixed a UI issue in entity screens where maintenance window with management zone filter would never match. (APM-266567)
  • Fixed an issue when specifying an empty "type" for a custom-device within entity api v1 and v2. (APM-266036)
  • Improved efficiency of retrieving large updates to visits (user sessions). (APM-268475)
  • Fixed issue in which creating new update job via REST API for ActiveGate was not possible (displayed error message: "AutoUpdate settings of ActiveGate doesn't allow to modify update job. Settings can't be inherited and autoUpdate must be disabled."). (APM-264533)
  • OneAgent installation screens for Windows, Linux, and AIX no longer crash for users with permission to read configuration set only in management zone (not in whole environment). (APM-269232)

ace solution

  • Fixing token scope of SLO public & internal API. (APM-268023)


  • Fixed Kubernetes monitoring to allow multiple (identical) Kubernetes endpoint configurations in a multi-tenant ActiveGate. (APM-267645)


  • Fixed misconfigured charts on the "Further details" view for AWS Kafka (MSK) supporting service. (APM-265251)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Resolved page layout issue in synthetic monitor wizard in which buttons overlaid other UI elements. (APM-269448)

Update 193 (1.207.193)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.207 release.