Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.200

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.200.75)

15 total resolved issues


  • Fixed Cloudflare property pack issues. (APM-249708)
  • Improved performance of some Applications pages. (APM-248631)

Session Replay

  • Session Replay data fetch improved for sessions with a high amount of processing in the cluster. (APM-251725)


  • Fixed UI issue where some entities show normal events as frequent issues. (APM-250550)
  • Linked problems are no longer returned in the mobile problem feed. (APM-250451)
  • Dashboard settings "Default management zone" list no longer displays "(no permissions)" after turning off "Default management zone". (APM-251678)
  • Fixed issue in which Session Details event list error flag disappeared on screen resize. (APM-244098)
  • For AWS load balancers, more detailed information about the number of affected EC2s is now visualized. (APM-246341)
  • On CPU usage chart for Windows host, System and User metrics are no longer interchanged. (APM-249343)
  • In a Dynatrace Managed deployment, it's now possible to have a representation of the environment UUID in the docker image name. This enables having images from multiple tenants on one machine without them overriding each other. Applies to all images that are pullable from our Docker repository implementation and is optional. (APM-249123)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Cloud Foundry and Azure buttons on Deploy Dynatrace page now open pages in new tabs. (APM-248520)

on-prem installation

  • Fix for Cassandra tables size calculation. The space calculator will be aware of newly excluded tables. (APM-251619)

User Interface

  • Resolved Dynatrace UI loading issue on iPhone and iPad when custom proxy is enabled. (APM-247598)
  • Standardized the size of sunburst and radial charts in user session pages. (APM-248368)
  • Fixed sharing links from new timeframe selector in India and other non-integer time zones, introduced in 198. (APM-250351)

Update 84 (1.200.84)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.200 release.


  • Tags with colons can now be applied as filters on Deployment Status - OneAgents page (APM-253257)