Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.198

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.198.3)

18 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 14
dynatrace rest api 2
User Interface 1


  • Publicly shared dashboards now correctly display the world map. (APM-243679)


  • The Services API/baseline endpoint now returns data for parents without children, such as method groups that have no methods with data. (APM-242886)
  • Alerting events from supporting services are now correctly displayed on charts and infographics. (APM-244623)
  • The Visual complete parser now decodes the individual parts of the additional visual complete data by using the action string decoder. (APM-245584)
  • Linked problems are now no longer returned via the Problem REST API v1. (APM-244696)
  • The Thread analysis page now applies the correct filter and doesn't freeze. (APM-245950)
  • Extended user names are displayed correctly in the session list. (APM-241598)
  • A polyfill specific to the user details page has been added to ensure that when you click a ribbon link and scroll up to the top, the same ribbon link can be used to redirect you to the correct section. (APM-241586)
  • TSM metric keys that contain whitespaces, begin with a special character, and end with a special character are treated as invalid metric key inputs. (APM-243997)
  • All AWS Supporting Services metrics, except recommended, can now be disabled. (APM-245066)
  • The Monitored technology page no longer crashes when an extension is removed by another client. (APM-243352)
  • Previewing request naming rules with propagated service tag conditions now correctly return requests. (APM-243480)
  • Environment quota reporting and enforcement has now been fixed to deal with the leap year case. (APM-240616)
  • htmlPattern can now be an empty string and null. The following example, that was earlier throwing an exception, is now correct: "javaScriptInjectionRules": [ { "enabled": true, "urlOperator": "EQUALS", "urlPattern": "/donotinject", "rule": "DO_NOT_INJECT", "htmlPattern": null }, { "enabled": true, "urlOperator": "ENDS_WITH", "urlPattern": "www.facebooks.com", "rule": "DO_NOT_INJECT", "htmlPattern": "" } ] (APM-244450)
  • Process charts now correctly display negative values. (APM-242854)

dynatrace rest api

  • SessionReplayConfigDto and SessionReplayDataPrivacyConfigDto had the same schema annotation: SessionReplaySetting. To avoid conflict, SessionReplayDataPrivacyConfigDto has now been changed to SessionReplaySettingWithDataPrivacy in the annotation description. (APM-243387)
  • Changes made to the disk-related configuration via Anomaly detection - Hosts REST API are now implemented correctly. (APM-244229)

User Interface

  • Improved the logic for the selected time range that ends Today with time set to Now. Fixed the code to not go back one day in the End date after the End time is changed in the input. (APM-245075)