Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.195

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.195.85)

16 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 11
Synthetic monitoring 1
User Interface 2


  • Filtering user action properties via table entries works properly again. (APM-239039)
  • Increased validations when modifying dashboards via REST API. (APM-237101)


  • List of sessions now correctly displayed for selected anonymous and non-anonymous users when navigating to User Detail page by clicking on the user tag in the Session Details page. (APM-235018)
  • Clarified error message for Dashboard API calls where tiles have a remote URI that is not yet configured. (APM-237060)
  • Fixed issue leading to missing events for some VM-specific entities. (APM-236262)
  • Fixed the problem manager outage caused by problems with high number of findings. (APM-240812)
  • Negated metric conditions (e.g., "not contains") no longer match falsely. (APM-240650)
  • Charts created over the API with invalid entity ID filters now ignore those entities. (APM-237233)
  • You can now configure Kafka JMX extension alerts when the extension is not enabled globally. (APM-234679)
  • Improved handling of invalid Global Timeframe Selectors. (APM-237810)
  • Improved Unicode handling in RUM beacons. (APM-238156)
  • Fixed display of host/process names in log selection on Log metric edit screen. (APM-237963)
  • Fixed incorrect OpenAPI spec for gcePublicIpAddresses in Entity Rest API. (APM-238145)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Improved detection of whether resource was cached. (APM-236958)

User Interface

  • Data requests now correctly triggered per selected user when navigating back to User Details page. (APM-237972)
  • Fixed overflowing text in the user menu when the environment name is very long. (APM-236499)