Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.193

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.193.93)

20 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 17
Synthetic monitoring 1
User Interface 2


  • Resolved issue in which, for metric event problems, the metric chart on top was not displayed for some metrics opened in the details screen. (APM-233155)
  • API: input validation and clear messaging implemented for property brandIconUrl. (APM-229010)
  • Minor improvements for the JavaScript agent script tag requested via rest API (APM-233146)
  • Metric "CPU usage [%]" on container group instance level now returns correct values. (APM-236048)
  • On VMware screens, tag filter can now include space. (APM-233514)
  • Fixed minor configuring issues with manually injected applications in the REST API. (APM-230525)
  • API: input validation and clear messaging implemented for properties such as impactApdex. (APM-229116)
  • Cloud Applications without any instances are now shown in the Cloud Application table. (APM-235146)
  • "Further restrictions" section in request attribute configuration screen is no longer broken. (APM-236848)
  • Resolved issue with custom chart result table for some combinations of metrics with dimensions named like monitored entity types. (APM-233747)
  • Improved error message for some unsupported syntax in USQL. (APM-232985)
  • Improved handling of past timeframes in Cloud Foundry screen. (APM-235588)
  • Error page no longer briefly displayed when navigating from user sessions screens. (APM-235031)
  • When generating a custom chart for a configured service metric, the calculation and display are now correctly filtered for the specific service name. (APM-236042)
  • Resolved issue in which overall synthetic availability percentage was not shown for applications connected only to HTTP monitors. (APM-234305)
  • Resolved issue in which server error was thrown when trying to save password for new plugin host configuration. (APM-233621)
  • Date and time format in Session Details updated to display in "MMM dd, yyyy - HH:mm" format (for example, "Apr 20, 2020 - 09:10") for live and finished sessions. (APM-232724)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Synthetic "Test quality" metric now shows correct percentage (0%-100%). (APM-232148)

User Interface

  • Inaccessible Woopra analytics domain no longer delays application load until downloading Woopra script times out. (APM-231642)
  • Loading spinner is now correctly displayed on Session List while aggregations data is loading. (APM-230904)

Update 136 (1.193.136)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.193 release.


  • Invalid metric condition input is no longer possible in the UI. (APM-237535)
  • "Further restrictions" section in request attribute configuration screen is no longer broken. (APM-236848)
  • Service metrics preview works for regex conditions. (APM-238057)