Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.191

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.191.101)

19 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Session Replay 1
Cluster 15 (1 vulnerability)
Log Monitoring 1
User Interface 2

Session Replay

  • Added null check for rare cases where visits are null. (APM-226280)


  • Resource timings are now correctly attached to load actions that have a duration of longer than 30 seconds. (APM-227109)
  • Added a validation check to verify the ID in the request body and URI parameters. (APM-227547)
  • The Content-Encoding header in the OpenAPI specification that was causing Dynatrace API explorer to be blocked by some proxies has now been fixed. (APM-228628)
  • Vulnerability: WebUI installation screens have been improved to reject the usage of tokens with more actions other than for installation purposes. (APM-227542)
  • Get, Put, and Post are now functioning correctly in the local environment for BeaconDomainWhitelistRules. (APM-229075)
  • Multivalue filters on the Angular Deployment Status screen have now been fixed. (APM-230958)
  • Earlier, the standard version for new OneAgent installations could be set lower than the minimum required version, which would result in rejecting connections from newly installed hosts. With this fix, it is not allowed to set the standard version lower than the minimum required version. (APM-227785)
  • Users will now be redirected to the Application Details page after selecting the Application name displayed on the Session Details page. (APM-226610)
  • The Custom device chart now correcty displays negative values, even when they appear consecutively. (APM-228744)
  • Metric events for metrics with a byte-based unit now show the correct unit scaling in UI, mobile app, and notification texts. (APM-229458)
  • Fixed the Timeseries deletion bug where the process of deleting timeseries metadata got stuck when the Timeseries ID was set to 0. (APM-227923)
  • Fixed region name lookup for private synthetic locations. (APM-227249)
  • In the Metric events settings screen, Preview chart and Suggested threshold now take dimension filters into account. (APM-226178)
  • Fixed the bug that caused the FDI2_USE_MEANS_FOR_SERVICE_RESPONSE_TIME_CHANGE_POINT_DETECTION feature flag to have no impact at runtime. (APM-226946)
  • Added escapeHTML to display valid URLs in the Report analyzer views of dashboards. (APM-229204)

Log Monitoring

  • Search query used for log metric is now consistent with search query used for analysis in case of queries containing tokens that begin or end with a non-alphanumeric character. (APM-228945)

User Interface

  • Improved layout of some error pages for smaller screen sizes. (APM-227140)
  • Fixed the new Global Timeframe Selector resulting in an error when used before the UI was fully loaded. (APM-228067)

Update 172 (1.191.172)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.191 release.


  • Fixed an issue that caused invalid data in mobile session details in special cases for IOS. (APM-233738)
  • Resolved issue with duplicate event IDs that led to problems not being reported on Problems. (APM-233353)

Update 126 (1.191.126)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.191 release.


  • Request header "authorization" is now masked correctly (GDPR and view permissions). (APM-232498)