Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.186

Resolved issues

9 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 1
Cluster 5 (1 critical)
User Interface 2
Infrastructure 1

Code level analytics

  • EnterpriseServiceBus service is detected instead of WebService if both attachments are present (APM-215874)


  • Fix for exceptions and timeouts on host and process settings pages that may have happened on big environments. (APM-217555)
  • Fixed an issues where HTTP monitors and Synthetic monitors where displayed in the wrong tab in the MZ/Tagging preview. (APM-216383)
  • Same state for log files on Host/Process page and LogViewer page (inactive links for _incorrect date format_ and active for _file not updated in last 7 days). (APM-215937)
  • Critical issue: During the update from Sprint 183 to Sprint 184 it was possible in rare cases that internal migration code caused an endless loop which consumed all webserver threads in the thread pool causing a server becoming unresponsive. (APM-217530)
  • Vulnerability in webhook integration closed (APM-188361)

User Interface

  • Fixed regression that Azure entities are not shown on Smartscape (APM-216206)
  • Fixed back navigation redirecting to the same screen on MDA screens (APM-216534)


  • DocumentDB AWS instances CloudWatch metrics are being collected correctly now. (APM-215203)