Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.183

Resolved issues

27 total resolved issues (2 critical issues)

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 3
Cluster 14 (2 critical)
User Interface 9
User Interface 1

Code level analytics

  • Request naming preview not working for client side only service calls. (APM-208319)
  • Request naming rules for URLs starting with username@password do not work (APM-208914)
  • For a given list of request naming rules it is now guaranteed that always the first completely matching rules renames the request (APM-211692)


  • Icon for processes requiring restart on Technology Overview page is now consistent with process list on host dashboard. If agent is injected a gray info icon is shown. If agent is not injected a yellow warning icon is shown. (APM-207533)
  • Filtering was not working, when user picked a filter being on different page than first one AND the filter only returned one page. Now when currently selected page doesn't exist after filtering, user will be moved to the last existing page. (APM-208327)
  • Db Insights Oracle: It was not possible to find process group instance related to monitored database when Oracle process groups were splitted by host group. In this case all data from monitored database were reported to a separate custom device. (APM-204300)
  • Enable USQL queries with combinations of PERCENTILE and FILTER (APM-209178)
  • Fixed and issues where some entities were not correctly displayed in the auto tagging preview although they were tagged correctly. (APM-206399)
  • Fixed presenting wrong data (from previously visited host) in System Load and Physical CPU headers on Host's details screen. (APM-208952)
  • Fix incorrect number of AWS Supporting services with problems on AWS dashboard's infographic (APM-211212)
  • Affected entities are now correctly counted in Network Overview's environment details (APM-211296)
  • Memory usage merging for restarted processes for PaaS hosts on host list is limited to 1000 processes (APM-216884)
  • Fixed missing Network Interfaces in Network Overview with applied Management Zone (APM-217385)
  • Enable USQL queries with combinations of PERCENTILE and FILTER (APM-209178)
  • Critical issue: Screens may fail to load on a Managed Environment when internal network requests are very slow. (APM-210777)
  • Enable table USERERROR when using REST API to execute USQL queries (APM-210805)
  • Critical issue: During the update from Sprint 183 to Sprint 184 it was possible in rare cases that internal migration code caused an endless loop which consumed all webserver threads in the thread pool causing a server becoming unresponsive. (APM-217530)

User Interface

  • Page ribbon resizes now correctly on dynamic content screens (APM-202401)
  • Fixed the font color of disabled elements on dark theme pages (APM-203317)
  • Fixed the wrong font color of the deployment achievement header element (APM-205334)
  • Events card's infobox is now correctly positioned (APM-205917)
  • Fixed an additional minute added to the chosen custom timeframe in some cases (APM-208326)
  • Events card resizes now correctly after a viewport resize (APM-207893)
  • Fixed tiles with a custom timeframe not being refreshed (APM-210133)
  • Fixed an issue when the management zone selector was not visible for users with tenant permissions (APM-210254)
  • Fixed issue when switching the timeframe from last 24 hours to previous and next 24 hours at midnight led to a last 5 minutes time frame (APM-211028)

User Interface

  • Fixes an issue that breaks the Kubernetes dashboard when the requested resources are higher than the available ones (APM-207819)