Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.182

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

9 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Log monitoring 1
Cluster 5
User Interface 2


  • Fixes correlation of user action timings when connected actions are sent with more than one beacon signal from the JavaScript Agent. (APM-205419)

Log monitoring

  • Improved suggestion panels overlay behaviour in Log Viewer (APM-204986)


  • Network overview - Fix misleading message about applied filters. (APM-204460)
  • Fixed problem with accessing agents deployment status with limited access rights. (APM-206189)
  • Fix problem with no plugin metrics visible for host plugin with only keyCharts defined (and no keyMetrics nor charts) (APM-206387)
  • For HTTP monitors assigned to management zone save button was disabled. (APM-205029)
  • Problem occurred while viewing HTTP monitor data, and searching for a different one (in global search). After clicking to see different monitor data, page was not refreshed. (APM-205033)

User Interface

  • Fixed Session Details page request not triggered when changing a management zone (APM-203030)
  • Fixed shifting by an additional minute when switching the global time frame with arrows (APM-206604)