Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.181

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

13 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 6
User Interface 3


  • Don't consider the RUM default application in application detection for browser monitors (APM-203087)
  • Session replay and rage detection settings are no longer removed with configuration updates via Web Application Configuration rest API. (APM-204148)
  • Corrected link to Android instrumentation documentation. (APM-207338)
  • Fixes correlation of user action timings when connected actions are sent with more than one beacon signal from the JavaScript Agent. (APM-205419)


  • Fix inconsistencies in count value units. (APM-202244)
  • On Azure dashboard - unhealthy services were not marked red on a list of app services and functions. (APM-202734)
  • There might have been exception screen displayed in rare cases for .net process. (APM-203288)
  • Fix problem with correct identification of PaaS host. (APM-204374)
  • Fix scaling problem with plugin-origin charts that contain series based on the same timeseries. (APM-204486)
  • DB Insights, most time consuming Oracle statements - per SQL Query graphs would not match the totals displayed for this query in the table row. Graph data would be trimmed to match the UI timeframe. While the table data would match an expanded timeframe covered by the metric store. So the graphs would display less data than was summarized in a table row. The timeframe expansion performed by the metric store is a result of lowering data granularity. Eg if 1-hour granularity is available for a given timeframe and the requested timeframe would not match 1-hour slot boundries exactly, the timeframe would be implicitly expanded by the metric store to cover all the partially matching timeslots. So requesting a 1 hour 30 minute timeframe where 1 hour granularity is available 2 hours' data would be returned. (APM-196732)

User Interface

  • Environments filter does not find all matching entries (APM-202584)
  • Fixed Session Details page request not triggered when changing a management zone (APM-203030)
  • Fixed shifting by an additional minute when switching the global time frame with arrows (APM-206604)