Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.180

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

19 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 5
Cluster 9
User Interface 2

Code level analytics

  • Request attribute host group selection shows too old, possibly deleted, host groups (APM-200755)
  • Service method naming preview does not work for RMI services. (APM-201042)
  • Method hotspots: use better distinguishable colors for built-in APIs. (APM-199827)
  • PurePath view: "Rows returned per execution" and "Fetches per execution" showed wrong numbers when aggregated. (APM-201136)
  • Method hotspots: contribution could show more than 100% in some cases. (APM-201167)


  • Internal tenantID was exposed in JS agent complete tag. (APM-200528)
  • HTTP Errors written for inactive applications. (APM-202357)
  • Fixed timeout issue with perform waterfall analysis button after navigating back from waterfall to user sessions details. (APM-200907)


  • VMware screens - for customers monitoring more than one credentials a cluster that have been moved between credentials might have been still displayed on a screen of old ones. (APM-200476)
  • Fix on docker screen - For some specific configuration of web server and names of images containing slash caracters, clicking on images might have caused errors. (APM-200674)
  • Summary settings of agent autoupdate had a problem on huge environments. Now it will always load, but in some cases only limited data may be displayed. (APM-200785)
  • Notification about ActiveGate was leading to wrong page in settings. (APM-200821)
  • For demo user linux installation page displayed wrong/misleading information. (APM-201265)
  • Wrong message might have been displayed on ActiveGate deployment status. (APM-201277)
  • Ui didn't display any message for unregistered agent. Host was just displayed as unmonitored. (APM-202403)
  • The USQL query editor does not provide autocomplete suggestions for nested functions in DATETIME. (APM-201162)
  • Browser monitor tile names will again be visible in the tile's title. (APM-201245)

User Interface

  • Error page when leaving Dynatrace UI tab open overnight (APM-198395)
  • Analyze Availability button missing on the synthetic monitor page (APM-202040)