Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.179

New features and enhancements

Other changes

  • Monitoring of multiple AWS environments (credentials) is now automatically spread across all ActiveGates configured for AWS.

Resolved issues


  • Fixed link to symbol file management screen in mobile crash details. (APM-196833)
  • Fixed download of symbolicated stacktrace in user sessions details. (APM-197945)


  • Agent deployments status - improvement to show global host unit usage for cases when only part of environment is presented. (APM-197463)
  • Fixed an error that caused gaps in charts for SQL queries with execution time longer 5 minutes. (APM-196068)
  • Fixed an error that was preventing downloading execution plan when using Firefox browser. (APM-198734)
  • The value of "Dynatrace Web UI URL" that can be configured in CMC at Settings > Public Endpoints is now used by API Epxlorer (e.g. for trying out requests via the API Explorer) (APM-195628)
  • Allow users who may only access management-zones to use the API Explorer. (APM-197561)

User Interface

  • ComboBox doesn't suggest items when pasting a value (APM-197474)


8 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 5
User Interface 1