Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.178

New features and enhancements

Improved content validation for Synthetic browser and clickpath monitors

Resolved issues

23 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 4
Session Replay 2
Cluster 9
User Interface 5
Agent & SG 1

Code level analytics

  • Chart zooming with Shift + Mouse scroll on service details screen fixed. (APM-195941)
  • Show correct number of mutli-value request attributes in PurePath view when the user can only see the masked value. (APM-195980)
  • Better position and avoid unintentionally closing the service drilldown overlay. (APM-196065)
  • Show all request groups for databases ("Default requests" was shown twice while other groups were not shown). (APM-196210)


  • Fixed naming of session count metrics for mobile apps. (APM-195395)
  • Fixed url decoding in provider breakdown table. (APM-196125)

Session Replay

  • When determining the safety of enabling Session Replay detection of ASP apps raises false positives (APM-194090)
  • Player stops showing mouse clicks ripple animation after skipping in the timeline (APM-196138)


  • Changes on PaaS host details - introducing new tab with on memory details and presenting both physical and container memory usage. (APM-193472)
  • Host anomaly detection settings - fixed problem with clicking on a navigation breadcrumbs in managed environment. (APM-198268)
  • Technology overview and Process group screens - fix temporary problem with displaying range (min and max) series on charts. (APM-199133)
  • Fixed an issue where the change of network-speed of NICs was not handled correctly. (APM-196879)
  • Improved filtering for Log Tree when filtering for host name or host tag (APM-191497)
  • Showing teaser if NFS is missing for Managed Customers (APM-194107)
  • Mobile App: fixed no more closed problems visible in mobile app when AI 2 was used (APM-192856)
  • Mobile Symbolication: added symbolication of Last Exception Backtrace frames (APM-196765)
  • API Explorer sporadically showed a TypeError under certain circumstances. This was fixed. (APM-196613)

User Interface

  • Dynatrace achievements not marked as completed in some rare cases. (APM-194461)
  • Broken ctrl/cmd+click on breadcrumb items (APM-195111)
  • Breadcrumbs do not work on session replay screen when having special characters in the session id (APM-195640)
  • Endless loading data on a host dashboard with a problem context (APM-196165)
  • Generate API token button reappears unnecessarily (APM-196567)

Agent & SG

  • Network overview screen - filtering for tags that contained '=' chart is fixed. (APM-196101)