Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.177

New features and enhancements

Compare KPIs across time and management zones on a single dashboard

Resolved issues

29 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
Session Replay 4
Synthetic monitoring 2 (1 critical)
Cluster 12
User Interface 7


  • Fix an issue with displaying the mobile top actions list. (APM-195067)
  • Fixed validation of Android symbol files containing empty lines. (APM-194319)
  • Fixed naming of session count metrics for mobile apps. (APM-195395)
  • Fixed url decoding in provider breakdown table. (APM-196125)

Session Replay

  • Session Replay enabling switch toggle does not accurately show the current state (APM-191706)
  • Error message stopped showing when replaying on a cluster without a proper SSL certificate in place (APM-194897)
  • When determining the safety of enabling Session Replay detection of ASP apps raises false positives (APM-194090)
  • Player stops showing mouse clicks ripple animation after skipping in the timeline (APM-196138)

Synthetic monitoring

  • No data reported for HTTP monitors by windows Active Gate. (APM-202638)
  • Critical issue: For multi-node clusters, in some cases, cluster AG was not reporting any results for HTTP monitors. (APM-207871)


  • DT configuration API fix - empty configuration for few minutes after new tenant creation. (APM-190506)
  • DataCenter services screen - link to host may become unavailable. (APM-193762)
  • Improvements to NAM integration metric display. (APM-193754)
  • AWS availability zone screen fix - affected ec2s might have not been marked red. (APM-195003)
  • REST API for USQL queries can fail for specific queries if parameter explain is set to false (APM-194981)
  • Fixed an issue where entities older than 72h were not displayed in the tagging-view although having the tag. (APM-194556)
  • Fixed incorrectly scaled Custom Chart metrics of Azure Redis Cache (APM-186272)
  • Mobile Correlation: improved linking of web requests to service calls processed in different thread (APM-193718)
  • Mobile App: fixed no more closed problems visible in mobile app when AI 2 was used (APM-192856)
  • Fix caching issue of Kubernetes limit configuration (APM-194269)
  • IBM ZLinux (early adopter) agents were not selectable for download in the UI due to inconsistent internal installer type naming. This was hotfixed and verified to be available. (APM-194172)
  • In some cases user was not able to save private location configuration. (APM-194119)

User Interface

  • Empty notifications are displayed in some cases (APM-190797)
  • 403 forbidden error possible when creating an integration token and having multiple management zones (APM-192482)
  • Dynatrace achievements not marked as completed in some rare cases. (APM-194461)
  • Broken ctrl/cmd+click on breadcrumb items (APM-195111)
  • Breadcrumbs do not work on session replay screen when having special characters in the session id (APM-195640)
  • Endless loading data on a host dashboard with a problem context (APM-196165)
  • Generate API token button reappears unnecessarily (APM-196567)