Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.175

Resolved issues

45 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Code level analytics

  • Service call IO times must be stored on database nodes (currently they are not, even if they are available). This fix will change the values of the displayed times in the PurePath view and in Response Time Hotspot/Analysis. (APM-187868)
  • Sometimes, instead of its name, an internal ID for request attributes is shown. (APM-188621)
  • In a chain [web request] -> [custom service] -> [outgoing web request], a request attribute captured on the client side is not propagated to the parent web request. (APM-190448)
  • Request attribute method argument capturing now disallows instrumentation of java core classes. (APM-190493)
  • Exception summary view sometimes showed too many asterisks, making the message unreadable. (APM-187970)

Session Replay

  • Timeline legend not shown for load events when all contain session errors (APM-184845)
  • Enabling Session Replay will check for ASP traffic in order to upgrade to Session State V4 (APM-187134)
  • An issue on playback of mouse movements prevents hover styles to be displayed (APM-188274)
  • Session Replay enabling switch toggle does not accurately show the current state (APM-191706)
  • Mouse pointer disappears when hovering events on the timeline (APM-192677)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Synthetic HTTP monitors problems lacking information about failing request (APM-189242)


  • Oracle DB Insights: query about most time consuming statements was forced to not perform unnecessary merge. (APM-191332)
  • Switching the "Infrastructure Only" flag while a rolling cluster update is in progress may lead to config updates being missed by restarting servers. This may ultimately lead to missing switches of OneAgents to this mode. The race condition is now fixed (APM-183831)
  • Support for .NET core dumps with a different naming concept was missing. We added support for .NET core dumps as well. (APM-185913)
  • If you open the api explorer url without the index.jsp, there is an endless redirect between '/rest-api-doc/' and '/rest-api-doc'. This was caused by a filter inconsistency regarding the path naming resolution, (APM-186323)
  • The filecache directory on the ActiveGate to host raw installer files resides in the "temp" directory which was cleared while the ActiveGate was running (removing the filecache directory along the way). The filecache did not try to recreate the directory (this was only done on startup). Now we always ensure that the directory exists. (APM-187549)
  • In case of non synchronised time on Active gate and cluster no data for HTTP Monitor with script (APM-186303)
  • For multi request HTTP check pattern validation not working (APM-189561)
  • Fix Azure dashboard UI glitch - list of functions might not have been refreshed. (APM-188999)
  • Fix UI problem with moving some charts to the left using mouse pointer. (APM-190099)
  • Fixed an issue when filtering by tags. (APM-192162)
  • Symbolication: fixed some symbol names were displayed as filenames (APM-190641)
  • Mobile App: fixed no more closed problems visible in mobile app when AI 2 was used (APM-192856)
  • fix for Public API REST call to return list of all locations and nodes. (APM-193336)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Changed Kubernetes CPU metrics to be displayed as mCores (APM-190540)
  • Fixed update of Cloud Foundry Foundation and Kubernetes Cluster entity names when updating via Dynatrace Config API (APM-189734)
  • A TLS exception is now displayed correctly instead of a pending request (APM-192039)
  • Fix caching issue of Kubernetes limit configuration (APM-194269)

User Interface

  • An error page after deleting the currently selected management zone (APM-184082)
  • Management zone filter is incorrectly autocompleted by the browser (APM-187946)
  • Problem counter does not take management zones into account on some pages (APM-188984)
  • "Pin to dashboard" panel is not preselected with the default dashboard (APM-190087)
  • Global timeframe dates are not always normalized in the URL (APM-189656)


  • Host page for PaaS hosts was presenting reclaimable memory series which should not be visible for such type of hosts. (APM-187445)
  • Performance improvements on process details page. (APM-186621)
  • On process page description of availability section was not properly adjusted to currently selected timeframe. (APM-190630)
  • Network overview - wrong sorting of entities (case-sensitive problem) (APM-186647)
  • Fixed processes list display issues - cropped view on narrows screens (like tablet) (APM-187476)
  • On process further details page, some isolated points might have duplicates created at 9 seconds after the real point. (APM-187699)
  • HTTP request for synthetic module details for ActiveGates is now sent only if user has permission to do it (CONFIG_READ permission) (APM-188282)
  • HTTP request for PAAS tokens was always sent, even if user didn't have permission to get them and it eventually ended in error page. Now this request is only sent if user has permission (has CONFIG_READ permission). In addition, possibility to add new tokens is allowed only if user has CONFIG_WRITE and DOWNLOAD_AGENT permission. (APM-188539)
  • Change wrong Elastic Compute Service label to Elastic Compute Cloud on hosts list. (APM-189708)
  • Critical issue: User session REST export sends data with invalid format (APM-187767)
  • USQL: Filtering by bounce true/false does not always work (APM-189548)
  • ActiveGate now discards beacons of unmonitored mobile/custom apps that did not yet receive the configuration update to turn off capturing (APM-186296)