Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.174

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

28 total resolved issues

Code level analytics

  • Better detection of TIBCO EMS temporary queues (APM-181328)
  • Request attributes didn't correctly handle conversion of, for example, "1,234.0". (APM-185421)
  • Request attribute argument capture UI: The wrong element was selected when reopening a data source. (APM-185567)
  • Correctly classify several .NET methods as network IO (APM-182840)
  • Service flow: avoid locking the view when expanding a grouped node and switching to throughput mode. (APM-186438)


  • Fixed that users that only had the rights to Access the environment on a Management zone could not pin USQL tiles to a dashboard. (APM-186103)
  • Fixed an issue where Internet Explorer users experienced an error when clicking in the suggestion list. (APM-185605)

Session Replay

  • Session replay data is properly masked based on Management Zones. (APM-184164)
  • Accessing Session Replay player on IE11 gives a TDP (APM-183687)
  • Legend for user actions and events is shown when there are none recorded (APM-183843)
  • Legend for usability issues is not shown (APM-183435)
  • Starting playback before closing the extension install message raises a TDP (APM-184078)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Regular error message about Private Synthetic location that does not exist (APM-184125)
  • HTTP Monitor Request is executed even if preceding Request is failing (APM-185782)


  • Fixed problems with selecting sections of infographic on process overview page. (APM-184910)
  • Improvements for value formatting in network charts. Values may be slightly different from real values. (APM-183891)
  • AWS ASGs that were defined empty and didn't have any EC2s assigned during selected timeframe were removed from list of ASGs. (APM-184290)
  • [Deploy Dynatrace] Windows link directs to Linux installer (APM-184544)
  • Improvement when selecting a build unit based on the associated version. Now we check all installer versions in build unit matching by type, not only the first matching installer version, as was done previously (APM-184610)
  • AWS Custom Alerts - Elastic Load Balancer should be called Classic Load Balancer (APM-184999)
  • Limits on Docker overview page for displaying more data and not limiting view too early. (APM-185506)
  • Problem notifications tiles are too short (APM-186314)
  • Oracle DB tablespaces monitoring was showing summed metrics instead of current information about space used by database. The fix has changed the way of consuming metrics responsible for tablespaces usage information and allowed customer to using aggregations. (APM-184503)
  • USQL: Selecting useraction.navigationStart and grouping by useraction.navigationStart leads to empty results (APM-184069)
  • Fixed changing of log perspective on sources selection (APM-175844)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Allow users with partial tenant access to access specific Kubernetes clusters (APM-183657)

User Interface

  • Clicking on the turquoise bubble in the user icon doesn't open the menu. (APM-185175)
  • Clicking on global search results doesn't work in some cases (APM-182946)