Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.172

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

41 total resolved issues

Code level analytics

  • Misleading "Not enough disk space" notification when session replay is located on different disk than transaction storage. (APM-178444)
  • Minor UI issues on global request naming settings page (APM-180028)
  • Error detection is not order agnostic for multiple request attribute values (APM-181233)
  • Cloud provider information missing for database services (APM-181530)


  • Fixed update of the USQL query in the url every time it is run. (APM-179901)
  • Fixed styling when USQL's pie chart legend labels are too large. (APM-179904)
  • Fixed ordering of USQL's pie chart categories to be descending. (APM-180263)

Session Replay

  • Accessing Session Replay site from IE gives a TDP (APM-183687)
  • Scroll position may be misplaced after jumping to a point in the timeline (APM-180354)
  • HTTP resources linked from stylesheets not properly retrieved at replay (APM-180578)
  • Pointers for errors and annoyances not painted correctly in the timeline (APM-181326)
  • Pointers for load events in the timeline are misplaced on top of user interactions (APM-182221)

Synthetic monitoring

  • HTTP Monitor Suddenly Stopped Showing Data without any Outages (APM-175457)

Log monitoring

  • Single CloudTrail event shows up 4x in Log Analytics (APM-178250)


  • API call for anomaly detection failing (APM-179882)
  • AWS dashboard - there is no indicator which service is affected even though tile is red (APM-180175)
  • AWS custom alerts - Alerting scope is not persistent (APM-180225)
  • Heatfield is not working correctly when end timestamp is undefined (APM-180431)
  • WebUI: Linux agent install page: when copy-pasting install command manually contains line break (firefox) (APM-180707)
  • OneAgent updates: Manually triggering OneAgent update (via webUI) doesn't have an effect (to update to Agent 1.171.x) (APM-180937)
  • Because of this issue removed custom devices were still visible on technology overview. (APM-181049)
  • Deploy Dynatrace - Linux: UI glitch using e.g Edge (APM-181172)
  • Repeated "Waiting for server response" error messages when viewing dashboards even though there is a connection to the server (APM-174543)
  • Pin to Dashboard - Empty selection when the user has no write permissions to the dashboard (APM-181194)
  • Allow to test User Session REST Export also while it is disabled (APM-181188)
  • Alerting profile: Adding tags is very slow, and configuration fails to save (APM-177971)
  • Using wrong application id in "Get application baseline" Rest Api call, code 200 is returned (APM-179255)
  • Topology API showing invalid restartRequired values for GET request on all entities (APM-179571)
  • AWS custom alerts - Thresholds values are wrongly displayed on Problem details (APM-180019)
  • API not returning the same data-set every time. Few entries are omitted in some responses but present in other. (APM-181225)
  • FDI2 change point detection: Filtering of service instances with sparse data does not work (APM-181602)
  • Events REST API does not return a custom property (APM-181688)
  • Customer is unable to change the sensitivity for Anomaly detection on service RentalAgreement. Possible UI Bug. (APM-182527)
  • RDS monitoring shows multiple restarts and failovers at the same time (APM-180938)
  • Different timing on the same waterfall on different time frames (APM-179265)
  • AWS credentials are executed on two AGs (APM-179894)
  • {5.0}[DebugUI] csrf possible - no checks of the referer-header/no x-csrf header (APM-142757)
  • OneAgent cannot update due to pending (APM-179355)
  • Affected API: /api/v1/browserextension/config Now the following headers are set: - Cache-control: no-store, no-transform - Pragma: no-cache (APM-180387)
  • Global changes in anomaly detection settings propagate to host level anomaly settings. Use global anomaly detection is disabled by default. (APM-180906)

User Assistance

  • Impact analysis not showing correct/coherent figures (APM-179528)