Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.170

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

Critical issues


  • Recently created environments rarely experience configuration data loss on first cluster upgrade after creation. (APM-176193)

Other issues

Code level analytics

  • Fixed request attribute method data source get, since not all instrumented methods were contained. (APM-175608)
  • Fixed request attribute REST API get for method rules, filenames were sometimes set to empty string, which subsequently caused validation error upon POST and or PUT. (APM-176284)
  • Fixed condition matching, conditions always used masked values for matching of conditions, whether global masking was enabled or not. (APM-177027)
  • Transaction Storage: React faster to license changes (APM-178229)
  • Show exact values on the service dashboard tile in case of very low load (instead of 0) (APM-177146)
  • Allow source code download based on management zone permissions (falsely required tenant-wide permissions) (APM-178236)


  • Improved geolocation handling in custom charts for mobile apps. (APM-176684)
  • Fixed mobile app configs containing web server beacon endpoints. (APM-176847)

Session Replay

  • Timeline skipping is slow when a page contains huge inline or dynamic stylesheets (APM-176194)
  • Playback of SVG trees will execute their <script> nodes (APM-180404)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Wrong problem time frame (APM-163613)
  • Private synthetic locations - 1 monitor no image (APM-175671)
  • Metrics for HTTP multi request monitors should be enabled on FF (APM-176982)
  • Images for Clickpath not shown (APM-176865)

Log monitoring

  • Log viewer not working (APM-176275)


  • Network overview - no last values for connectivity, retransmissions and any network interface's timeseries (APM-175674)
  • Technology overview: data is missing sometimes ([UIA] UI Test: "verifyTechnologyOverview" - failed) (APM-175490)
  • New technology overview: TDP when CF foundation filter applied (APM-175569)
  • Table style broken after navigating to PG screen (APM-176073)
  • Technology Overview - It's not clear if technology name should be uppercase or camelcase (UI Test: "verifyCustomActiveGatePluginOnMonitoredTechnologies" - failed) (APM-176470)
  • Unlikely argument warning in AgentManager (APM-176282)
  • Technology overview - Process group record is expandalble only by clicking on icon despite the fact that the pointer suggests that action for whole record (APM-176367)
  • Missing of the Disk space usage data intermittently for host monitoring (APM-176745)
  • Technologies Overview page is empty (APM-177491)
  • [Technologies] TDP after expanding a process (Cannot read property 'Rfc' of undefined) (APM-177697)
  • [Technology] No processes listed after drilling down from CF dashboard (APM-178026)
  • Tag added to Maintenance Window expects value, though value was removed (APM-174987)
  • Problem seems to changed the problemid over time (APM-175336)
  • Missing REST token scopes from tenant "create token" endpoint (APM-175934)
  • Token scope "RestRequestForwarding" can't be mapped using API endpoint (APM-176313)
  • Get rid of unnecessary internal VersionFormatExceptions - improve object churn and reduce overhead (APM-176562)

Autonomous Cloud

  • Improve URL sanitization for Cloud Foundry (APM-175996)

User Interface

  • Intercom chat is not positioned correctly (APM-176122)

User Assistance

  • Cannot enable user in alerting profile (APM-175861)


35 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 6
Session Replay 2
Synthetic monitoring 4
Log monitoring 1
Cluster 17
Autonomous Cloud 1
User Interface 1
User Assistance 1