OneAgent release notes version 1.211

Rollout starts 8 March 2021

With this release, the oldest supported OneAgent versions are:

Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE Premium



Dynatrace RUM support for Microsoft Edge Legacy

Microsoft support for Edge Legacy ends on March 9, 2021. Consequently, Dynatrace RUM support for Edge Legacy also officially ends. Dynatrace RUM will monitor users browsing your application with Microsoft Edge Legacy, but we won't fix new problems if they occur after the release of OneAgent version 1.213.


IBM Integration Bus

  • Added tracing support for DatabaseRetrieve and DatabaseRoute nodes.


  • oneagentzos-R121100.pax is now available
  • Added system performance metrics and JVM metrics to the Z Java code module.
  • Added connection pool metrics, thread pool metrics, and servlet metrics to the WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty.

Operating systems

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.10 (ARM64 (AArch64), PPCLE, s390x, x86)

Future Dynatrace OneAgent technology support changes

Dynatrace OneAgent 1.213 will be the last version to support the following technologies

  • OpenTelemetry 0.16.0, 0.17.0 for go

Dynatrace OneAgent 1.215 will be the last version to support the following technologies

  • OpenTelemetry 0.18.0 for go

Future Dynatrace OneAgent operating systems support changes

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 May 2021

  • UNIX: IBM AIX 7.2 TL2
    • POWER8, POWER9 (64bit-only)
    • Vendor announcement
    • Last compatible Dynatrace OneAgent version: 1.213

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 June 2021

  • Linux: CentOS 6.x
  • Linux: Fedora 31
  • Linux: Fedora 31
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4+
  • Windows: Windows Desktop 1803

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 July 2021

  • Linux: Google Container-Optimized OS 77 LTS
  • Windows: Windows Desktop 1903
  • Windows: Windows Server 1903

Other support changes

Resolved issues in OneAgent for z/OS

  • Fixed S0C1 in ZDTAGTxx that occurs due to memory overlay when DTAX Fine logging is turned on (ONE-54567)

Resolved issues

General availability (Build 1.211.144)

12 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Java 1
.NET 3
Node.js 1
Go 1
AI causation engine 1
General 3 (1 vulnerability)
Mainframe 1


  • Resolved issue in which webMethods Integration Server threw a ClassCastException after upgrade to OneAgent version 209. (ONE-54963)


  • Fixed a possible instrumentation problem with ASP.NET sensor v2 self-host instrumentation. (ONE-54918)
  • Improved configuration handling of the OneAgent .NET code module for MSMQ, IBM MQ, Azure Service Bus, and RabbitMQ sensor v2. (ONE-54907)
  • Resolved tagging issues in OneAgent .NET code module. (ONE-53228)


  • Node.js class browsing, which is required for the Node.js KafkaJS (early adopter) feature, is now enabled by default. (ONE-54340)


  • Resolved issue with missing Go metrics when using external metadata. (ONE-54663)


  • When an HTTPRequest fails with a request URL that is overwritten at runtime (e.g., via preceding Compute node), the overwritten request URL is now considered as the correct destination. (Previously, only the static URL property of the HTTPRequest node was taken into account as the destination; runtime overwrites were ignored.) (ONE-54682)

AI causation engine

  • Resolved an issue in an internal API call that led to incorrect count of attachment usage for paths longer then 10,000 nodes (truncated paths), which prohibited the start of new paths and prevented monitoring. (ONE-54897)


  • OneAgent RabbitMQ extension now properly handles timeout while establishing connection. (APM-280143)
  • Resolved issue that made OneAgent OS module process leave defunct child processes. (APM-279814)
  • Vulnerability: Resolved issue in which, when OneAgent monitored an application in Cloud Foundry, keystore passwords were printed to application logs exposed via Cloud Foundry. (APM-262915)


  • Resolved issue with process group naming rules for CICS and IMS. They’re now available for process group naming. (ONE-54770)

OneAgent for mobile resolved issues

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Mobile 1
Mobile Session Replay 1


  • OneAgent for iOS: fixed crash on fetching cookie domains in hybrid applications (ONE-53411)

Mobile Session Replay

  • iOS Session Replay: UIAlertViews with system default semitransparent background are no longer shown completely transparent on replay (ONE-53335)