OneAgent and ActiveGate release notes version 1.171



  • Support for shaded Apache Axis2 clients (for example, the client packaged with Pega)
  • Support for tracing of asynchronous code execution within Spring integrations


  • Support for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client for .NET is available in a General Availability (GA) release, providing end-to-end tracing for Azure ServiceBus Queue and Topics.
  • Support for .NET Remoting is now available in a GA release, providing end-to-end tracing for legacy .NET Remoting applications.
  • Support for IBM MQ Client is now available in a GA release, providing end-to-end tracing for IBM MQ using the .NET client library.
  • OneAgent SDK for .NET (version 1.5.0) now supports the tracing of incoming web requests.
  • .NET Instrumentation Cache, which improves startup latency, is now General Available (GA).


  • Support for Node.js 12 (long-term support version)


  • Support for Go versions 1.11.10 and 1.12.5


  • Support for PHP NG (PHP next generation) monitoring is now available as an Early Adopter release.

General improvements

  • OneAgent version 1.171 doesn't require a special license key for allowing installation to Infrastructure monitoring mode. Previous to this, customers who acquired Dynatrace licenses over a year ago had to update their licenses before they could use the cloud-infrastructure monitoring mode. This requirement has been removed; it's now possible to install OneAgent in either the full-stack or cloud-infrastructure modes.
  • W3C Trace Context headers are now supported and propagated by OneAgent, for details see Distributed tracing with W3C Trace Context for improved end-to-end visibility (Preview)
  • Improved grouping of Citrix processes
  • Improved detection of hook directories in CRI-O version 1.12.6+
  • Reporting of cloud platform type and version for Kubernetes cluster hosts on Windows
  • Greatly improved performance when retrieving containerD metadata has reduced OneAgent CPU consumption during monitoring of containerD hosts.
  • An improved heuristic for the discovery of lazy loading of .NET applications has been added.
  • The Windows Diego Cell discovery heuristic has been improved to match changes in recent Garden for Windows releases.

OneAgent support changes

Dynatrace OneAgent support of the following platforms and components will be discontinued within the next 6 months

  • PHP 5.6 support has been extended and will reach end-of-life in November 2019
  • Pivotal Platform PAS version 2.2.x (Pivotal support for this version ended in April 2019. Please consult the Pivotal support matrix for further details). OneAgent version 1.171 is the last version that supports Pivotal Platform version 2.2.x.
  • Pivotal Platform PAS version 2.3.x (Pivotal support for this version ends in June 2019. Please consult the Pivotal support matrix for further details). OneAgent version 1.175 is the last version that supports Pivotal Platform version 2.3.x.
  • WebSphere Application Server version 8.0 (EOS by IBM in April 2018) OneAgent 1.183 will be the last version that supports WebSphere v8.0.
  • Java 6 WebSphere Application Server version 8.5 (EOS by IBM in April 2018) OneAgent 1.183 will be the last version that supports WebSphere version 8.5 with Java 6 (afterward, WebSphere 8.5 can only be used with Java 7)

Cloud Platform support


  • We’ve introduced multiple improvements to the AWS CloudWatch monitoring component to avoid API throttling.

Cloud Foundry

  • Dynatrace now also supports Pivotal Platform PAS version 2.6 with OneAgent BOSH release version 1.2.1. For details refer to the Dynatrace support model for full-stack Pivotal Platform PAS monitoring.
  • We’ve improved the presentation of Diego cells on the Cloud Foundry overview page. You can now more easily track CPU, memory and disk utilization of Diego cells.


  • Dynatrace now supports Red Hat OpenShift 4.1 with CRI-O container runtime.
  • We’ve introduced container monitoring rules for Kubernetes on Linux as an Early Adopter release. Container monitoring rules allow you to leverage Kubernetes properties to control auto-injection of OneAgent into Kubernetes containers. This facilitates the systematic roll-out of full-stack monitoring within large-scale environments based on organizational structures.


ActiveGate support changes

Here are the de-support plans for ActiveGate

  • OneAgent version 1.177 will be the last version to support only 32-bit host IDs. By that time, all ActiveGates earlier than version 1.144 must be upgraded to newer releases in order to properly support OneAgent 64 bit IDs. Failure to do this will result in OneAgent being unable to communicate with the Dynatrace Cluster via these earlier versions of ActiveGate. Other than that, this change will be completely transparent.

Other changes

For important bug fixes and other changes, as well as previous release notes, see the release changelog.

Resolved issues

52 total resolved issues


  • Increased number of threads used in one plugin loop. (APM-174982)
  • Fixed problem with recursive file copying while building a plugin. (APM-175675)
  • requests library version updated (APM-179383)
  • Fixed a problem in the Visually Complete module that happened when Internet Explorer unloaded frames (APM-173974)
  • Fixed a problem with source action creation if a userinput has already been used to create an action (APM-177232)
  • [PHPAgent] Missing QueryAttachment for mysql_unbuffered_query node (APM-176248)


  • Fixed: During update of ActiveGate with installed Synthetic (EAP), Agent traffic is disabled. (APM-175642)
  • Private collector archive doesn't contain logs from supportarchive directory (APM-175717)
  • RPM installation failed due to issue with proxy (APM-177967)
  • Windows Synthetic installer - file is not installed (APM-178089)
  • VMware metrics were not reported for big VMware environments. (APM-178671)
  • Fixed upgrade of AG with installed RPM. (APM-178822)
  • Gaps in Cloud monitoring timeseries (APM-179150)
  • VMware is discarding all measurements for sparse metrics (APM-179295)

OneAgent Installer

  • Linux installer will now correctly disable systemd ABRT service (APM-177311)
  • Linux installer was not correctly verifying if user creation succeeded (APM-177574)
  • Linux installer will now correctly detect if kernel does not support file capabilities when non-privileged mode is used (APM-174347)
  • Fixed handling of certain quoted paths in Windows installer --unpack-msi parameter (APM-175923)
  • auto-update was being disabled incorrectly in non-privileged mode when ambient capabilities are available and DISABLE_ROOT_FALLBACK=1 was specified (APM-177832)

All modules

  • For containerD container runtime the properties "Kubernetes container name" and "Kubernetes pod UID" are now visible in the Process UI screen. (ONE-24987)


  • Request Attribute doesn't capture String array values only its name (ONE-24864)
  • Servlet sensor parameter capturing consuming input stream for async servlets (ONE-23820)


  • .NET Remoting sensor caused a problem, if a remote object resided in the LogicalCallContext. (ONE-22986)
  • A memory dump triggered by the user is now created as full memory dump on Windows. (ONE-24795)
  • ADO.NET sensor with enabled aggregation did not report the number of rows returned correctly. (ONE-23923)
  • Fixed possible agent crash for ASP.NET 1.1 applications. (ONE-24796)
  • Oracle database name was wrong, because connection string parsing could not handle the SID key correctly. (ONE-25339)


  • Agent converted header properties to lower case in case of request redirects (ONE-25337)


  • Fix a metrics issue, causing a Go process to crash under rare conditions during shutdown (ONE-24547)


  • Improved SpeedIndex handling. See Blog entries for further information (ONE-23816)
  • Improved the ExtJS module to prevent customer code from assuming ExtJS is available and using non-existing functionality. (ONE-24969)
  • Fixed an issue with the mootools module that was happening if the config object for mootools is null/undefined. (ONE-24669)
  • Fixed an issue that occurs if the config for XHRs is frozen using Object.freeze. (ONE-24697)
  • Fixed a performance issue regarding failed images calculation within the visually complete module. (ONE-25223)


  • Apache duplicates response header values with mod_headers and fast internal redirects (ONE-25869)
  • Incorrect subpath linking for Apache proxying after a fast internal redirect (ONE-25870)

OS module

  • Fixed a false positive warning about lack of deep monitoring of PHP processes that are grouped with statically linked processes of different types. (APM-172664)
  • Name of process deleted binary will now be properly read on RedHat distributions, where deletion timestamp is added to /proc//exe symlink. (APM-172002)
  • Fixed a false-positive information about lack of injection possibility due to binary being statically linked for processes with very large /proc/pid/maps (APM-174460)
  • Kubernetes version discovery has been adjusted to match changes in hyperkube API. (APM-178581)

Logging module

  • Improved Log Monitoring PGID masking rules (APM-183827)


  • Fixed Watchdog crash during rapid start and stop sequence (APM-176783)


  • Synthetic Engine configuration fetcher doesn't recover after an error which may lead to stopped execution of private Browser Monitors. (APM-186842)

Session Replay

  • Cost control settings are evaluated on every page load instead of just at the start of a session (ONE-25188)
  • Duplication of content may occur on replay when nodes are removed from DOM and added back (ONE-24897)
  • Masking could be lost when nodes are removed from DOM and added back (ONE-24743)
  • Foreign vendor-prefixed rules in inline style blocks preventing IE11 recording (ONE-25000)
  • Some browsers may report negative mouse and scroll positions (ONE-25185)


  • Screenshots with failing upload attempts are not purged automatically (APM-175216)
  • Synthetic engine version & status is not reported to the Cluster (APM-178113)
  • Synthetic engine service failure status after a shutdown attempt (APM-178770)
  • Browser monitors engine not started if the hostname is not properly configured on the executing Active Gate (APM-183777)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.