OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.167

Resolved issues

42 total resolved issues

OneAgent Installer

  • Linux installer now explicitly checks whether values provided for USER and GROUP parameters are names and not identifiers (APM-166523)
  • Windows installer will no longer create COR_ENABLE_PROFILING and COR_PROFILER environment variables (APM-173818)
  • Linux uninstaller will now gracefully handle the situation when /etc/ file is missing (APM-169790)

AI causation engine

  • UTF16 strings have been truncated wrong (used by the MBAgent). Default truncation length is 250 and strings have been truncated with length 125. This is now handled correctly and strings are truncated with 250 characters. (ONE-23842)

All modules

  • Reduced dependency on /proc filesystem to allow injection when the process can't read its own proc entries (due to a AIX bug with sgid executables). (ONE-22724)
  • Added support for Pivotal Application Service v2.4.4. (ONE-22787)
  • Resource dumps did not consider priority of endpoints. (ONE-23248)
  • Added support for Pivotal Platform 2.5 injection. (ONE-23461)
  • Agent prevented startup of Java 1.1 applications. (ONE-23590)
  • Fixed a potential crash when invalid messages are received (e.g. due to network problems) (ONE-22967)


  • JS Agent is injected although license is inactive (ONE-23052)


  • Source code download produced a wrong assembly name. (ONE-22755)
  • Service Call Attribute Values Capturing logged a NRE if no PurePaths could be started. (ONE-22711)
  • Asynchronous WCF execution paths could lead to a corrupted PurePath. (ONE-21493)
  • Instrumenting a generic ADO.NET library could lead to an application crash. (ONE-23649)
  • .NET Remoting sensor produced corrupted service calls. (ONE-22255)
  • DB2 database was shown as , because connection string parsing could not handle the DataSource key correctly. (ONE-23521)
  • .NET Core version reporting was not working for IIS in-process hosting of ASP.NET Core applications. (ONE-23967)


  • PostgreSQL sensor improvement: PostgreSQL services were not detected if connection parameters were missing or invalid (ONE-23426)
  • Support alert throttling caused crash reports not being reported continuously (ONE-23672)


  • Collecting PurePath attachments when using PDO in persistent connection mode has been fixed. (APM-170351)


  • Defining multiple custom services could cause process crashes (ONE-22932)
  • Agent shutdown issue fixed, which could cause incomplete PurePaths (ONE-22943)
  • Custom Services improvement: methods instrumented by the Go Agent itself were excluded from the method candidates list (ONE-22978)


  • Fixed a problem with late initialization of the angular module (ONE-21310)
  • Fixed an issue where default values of new XMLHttpRequests would have unexpected values. (ONE-21391)
  • Basic XHR Module did not forward some events to the callbacks correctly (ONE-22437)
  • Fixed an issue with the XHR Module, where the event listener registration did not work exactly as with the native object (ONE-23010)
  • Fixed an issue where the XHR module returned an empty string instead of null in some cases (ONE-23011)
  • Fixed an issue in the XHR module where it did not throw an exception correctly if "responseText" was accessed, but the responseType was not "" or "text" (ONE-23002)
  • Improved error handling in the dojo module (ONE-23456)
  • Config was not correctly validated in the angular module, which caused an exception (ONE-22779)
  • Angular jsonp function is now wrapped correctly (ONE-23290)
  • Visually Complete in Iframes had an issue, in case the iframe did not have any observable changes (APM-169706)
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when an exception with wrong datatypes happened (ONE-24195)
  • Correctly closing actions angular actions where all listeners have been unsubscribed (ONE-24190)


  • NGINX main process crashes on a reload if reload was attempted earlier with an invalid config (ONE-23014)

OS module

  • Broken pipe in inter-agent communication will no longer cause Specialized Agent metrics to be ignored. (APM-172604)
  • Since /var/lib/origin/openshift.local.volumes cannot be mounted into container, OneAgent will not attempt to monitor it, when deployed from container. (APM-167888)
  • K8S Podname should now be consistently stripped for all process types (APM-174575)
  • .NET discovery has been reworked to not rely on mapped images. This allows for proper discovery of .NET processes, when Process Agent is not injected. (APM-150600)
  • IIB discovery heuristic has been extended. Fixed false-positive injection warnings for IntegrationServer. (APM-165726)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.