OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.165

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Resolved issues

48 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
All modules 7 (1 critical)
Java 4
.NET 9
Go 1
JavaScript 8
OS module 12
Logging module 3
Watchdog 1

All modules

  • Improved SIGPIPE handling which may result in crashing Agents on non Windows platforms. (ONE-21914)
  • In rare circumstances the container injection may suspend startup of containers. (ONE-22353)
  • Fixed bug that prevented process startup on AIX for processes that do not have a fully populated /proc filesystem entry. (ONE-21740)
  • Fixed injection into windows docker containers with non-default data root directory. (ONE-22359)
  • Critical issue: Resolved incompatibility with runc security fix CVE-2019-5736, which prevented container injection. (ONE-22324)
  • Reduced shutdown time for short living applications. (ONE-22429)
  • Added support for Pivotal Application Service v2.4.4. (ONE-22787)


  • Akka sensor causes NoSuchFieldError (ONE-22186)
  • Support for Spring Rabbit 2.1 (ONE-22011)
  • IBM MQ on AIX shows unknown queue vendor on receive (ONE-21066)
  • SUM: Default value of spring application not handled PI: implemented special handling of application default value SI: - DI: - (ONE-22391)


  • Prevent from rogue Server-Side Paths if a tagged request is filtered by URI Filter rules (ONE-21097)
  • Some HTTP requests from the HttpClient class were not captured (ONE-22448)
  • Asynchronous custom services called in a loop created a recursive service flow (ONE-21840)
  • HTTP Tagging Sensor may cause a NullReferenceException in HttpClient.SendAsync method, when a custom implementation of HttpRequestMessage is used (ONE-22164)
  • Source code download for nested types works now correctly (ONE-22563)
  • .NET Service Call Attribute Values Capturing logging NRE if no PurePaths could be started. (ONE-22711)
  • Fixed naming and Agent Versions for switchable .Net Features "SelfHostServer", "XML-RPC", "HttpListener" and "HttpClient". (ONE-22702)
  • TIMED OUT path(s) using WCF on asynchronous execution paths (ONE-21493)
  • OneAgent SDK: ILoggingCallback is now stored once per IOneAgentSdk instance. (ONE-22161)


  • Potenial nullptr fixed during phpagent shutdown (ONE-21886)
  • Collecting PurePath attachments when using PDO in persistent connection mode has been fixed. (APM-170351)
  • Fix handling of empty array in Session variables (ONE-23012)


  • Fixed an issue related to stack barrier checks during GC mark phase, which caused an application to crash (ONE-21851)


  • Making the visible size of images available if the Visually Complete Module is active (ONE-21550)
  • If both support for failed images and support for XHR mutations are enabled, the action duration doesn't take account of any mutations . (ONE-22046)
  • The last resource impacting Visually Complete times was reported as being after the Visually Complete time (ONE-22373)
  • Removed a confusing and unnecessary parameter from the dtrum.addActionProperties API (ONE-22400)
  • dtrum.endSession did not reset the internal state, which caused new sessions to skip sending session properties as it was believed that they were already sent. (ONE-22435)
  • Basic XHR Module did not forward some events to the callbacks correctly (ONE-22437)
  • Angular jsonp function is now wrapped correctly (ONE-23290)
  • Visually Complete in Iframes had an issue, in case the iframe did not have any observable changes (APM-169706)

OS module

  • Detection of listen ports for IIS has been improved, to not occasionally have misassignments due to network traffic based heuristic. (APM-164314)
  • Fixed discovery of Tomcat's Java version, for releases with two digits in major and minor. (APM-163331)
  • Fixed incorrect injection status for PGI consisting of both Java and GO processes. (APM-164947)
  • Fixed an issue, where host would not be properly identified as Diego Cell if some of the related processes are restarted. (APM-165394)
  • Refreshing of basic process properties (exe name, command line, etc.) has been added on AIX. (APM-160874)
  • Manged Dynatrace Server should now be recognized as Dynatrace Server (APM-165577)
  • Fixed an issue, where host would belong to default Host Group if Dynatrace Server is unreachable upon agent startup. (APM-167872)
  • Executable name will be used for identification of processes, in scenarios where OSAgent cannot resolve /proc//exe symlink. (APM-165820)
  • Hybris version discovery heuristic has been extended. (APM-162872)
  • System UUID will now be reported for OpenShift hosts. This allows for a drill down from Kuberentes Nodes view. (APM-170956)
  • Fixed incorrect discovery of number of CPU cores on PPCLE. (APM-169364)
  • Cloud Foundry discovery heuristic has been updated to support version 2.4. (APM-166244)

Logging module

  • Change offset type to chrono (APM-163922)
  • Revert a docker infromation in a content (APM-164493)
  • Log Analytics agent needs to display or fully download certain log files from customer's host (APM-165592)


  • Watchdog now correctly handles the situation where the observed process failed to terminate cleanly and timeout for graceful shutdown expired (APM-163433)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.