OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.163

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Resolved issues

38 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Component Resolved issues
OneAgent Installer 1
All modules 6 (1 critical)
Java 2
.NET 3
Node.js 2
Go 6
JavaScript 4
OS module 8
Network module 2
Logging module 2

OneAgent Installer

  • FIXED misleading errors printed to healthcheck.log when OneAgent is deployed as a container (APM-161873)

All modules

  • In rare circumstances the container injection may suspend startup of containers. (ONE-22353)
  • Fixed injection into certain musl-libc based containers in CloudFoundry environments (ONE-22357)
  • Fixed bug that prevented process startup on AIX for processes that do not have a fully populated /proc filesystem entry (ONE-21740)
  • Fixed injection into windows docker containers with non-default data root directory. (ONE-22359)
  • Critical issue: Resolved incompatibility with runc security fix CVE-2019-5736, which prevented container injection. (ONE-22324)
  • Linux disk IO metrics are now supported when device name is a link (e.g. LVM Partitions) (ONE-21462)


  • OneAgent 1.159.223 crashing IBM JVMs (ONE-21668)
  • Custom JavaScript library path / beacon path not considered by java agent when instrumented proxy is in place (ONE-21116)


  • Subsequent asynchronous calls were not captured after an asynchronous HTTP request from the HttpClient class (ONE-22448)
  • Asynchronous custom services called in a loop created a recursive service flow (ONE-21840)
  • HTTP Tagging Sensor may cause a NullReferenceException in HttpClient.SendAsync method, when a custom implementation of HttpRequestMessage is used (ONE-22164)


  • Fix potentially excessive startup overhead in gRPC sensor (ONE-20858)
  • Node.js AutoSensor could not be disabled via "Deep monitoring / Troublshooting" settings UI (ONE-21659)


  • Fix for not recognized DT environment variables.Now they are checked just after reading php.ini (ONE-21306)
  • Segmentation fault in Apache (APM-160845)


  • GoLang agent may cause a crash of "OpenShift" process (ONE-21258)
  • Class browser failed to send requested data (as required for defining custom services) (ONE-21775)
  • Agent was not fully functional when it was inactive on startup but returned to active some time later (ONE-21663)
  • "Background CPU method hotspot information" did no longer provide data, once the (internal) node limit was reached (ONE-21773)
  • "Background CPU method hotspot information" was not available, when Agent was inactive on startup but returned to active some time later (ONE-21825)
  • Agent failed to shutdown when Go died with runtime.dieFromSignal() (ONE-21874)


  • Empty pages would sometimes report load actions that end before their onload subaction on Internet Explorer. (ONE-20702)
  • Improved performance of resource timing calculation. (APM-158370)
  • If both support for failed images and support for XHR mutations are enabled, the action duration doesn't take account of any mutations . (ONE-22046)
  • Resource timing duration is 0 for all resources on Safari 12. (ONE-22074)

OS module

  • IBM Java 1.4 version detection has been added. (APM-154081)
  • KVM Virtual Machines will now be discovered on PPCLE (APM-158909)
  • Detection of listen ports for IIS has been improved, to not occasionally have misassignments due to network traffic based heuristic. (APM-164314)
  • Fixed incorrect injection status for PGI consisting of both Java and GO processes. (APM-164947)
  • Executable name will be used for identification of processes, in scenarios where OSAgent cannot resolve /proc//exe symlink. (APM-165820)
  • Detection of virtual network interfaces on Azure has been enhanced. (APM-162488)
  • OSAgent will no longer attempt to discover version of Kubernetes processes running inside containers. (APM-162996)
  • Cloud Foundry discovery heuristic has been updated to support version 2.4. (APM-166244)

Network module

  • Libpcap has been updated to allow monitoring of interfaces on Kernels without the fix. (APM-152202)
  • Windows network adapters with Unicode descriptions should now be properly detected (APM-161859)

Logging module

  • Fixed downloading log files without timestamps (APM-159197)
  • Proper offset calculation for log lines (APM-163253)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.