OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.161

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Resolved issues

31 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
General 2
OneAgent Installer 2
All modules 3
Java 1
.NET 3
Node.js 6
Go 1
OS module 8
Watchdog 2


  • PG Injection Rules will now be evaluated Agent side, even if ID calculation parameters changed after process startup. (APM-139636)
  • Missing SQL statement in SLQAttchment because of passing null argument to execute method (APM-156120)

OneAgent Installer

  • will now properly clear entry from /etc/ even if installation.conf contents are corrupted. (APM-157844)
  • Fixed problem with replacing oneagentwatchdog.exe during AutoUpdate on Windows which led to host being lost. (APM-158238)

All modules

  • Process Agent may prevent startup of programs in Windows Compatibility Mode (ONE-21046)
  • If a private Active Gate is added while agent is running, Auto update and file upload (support archive, memory dump upload, ...) will not work until agent is restarted. (ONE-21130)
  • Resolved potential deadlock during shutdown on Windows, caused by a bug in the CRT where FreeLibrary may be called in DllMain (ONE-21131)


  • RUM causes scrambled output for Atlassian Gzip filter (ONE-19992)


  • Added a recursion protection for request attribute capturing (ONE-20529)
  • Wrong Oracle database name was reported for deprecated System.Data.OracleClient library (ONE-21126)
  • Added support SqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReader() in ADO.NET sensor (ONE-20954)


  • Http sensor: capturing of client request headers did not work in certain cases (ONE-19968)
  • Node.js Agent loader caused a deprecation warning (ONE-20259)
  • Fixed log spamming issue in case the process fails open files ("too many open files") (ONE-20791)
  • Node.js SDK: Fixed exception leak (to customer code) if non-functions were passed to tracer.start/end (ONE-20735)
  • Node.js SDK: Stub implementation may have swallowed exceptions (ONE-20835)
  • Fix PurePath corruption issue when using couchbase API calls along with couchbase-promise (ONE-20940)


  • PHP Autosensor 2 last frames are corrupted (memcache frames) (ONE-20150)
  • Potenial nullptr fixed during phpagent shutdown (ONE-21886)
  • Segmentation fault in Apache (APM-160845)


  • Segfault in Go Agent on initializing custom services sensor fixed (ONE-20456)

OS module

  • Fixed OneAgent Watchdog crash due to an unhandled exception when reading binaries activation map. (APM-158074)
  • Process reading related performance enhancements on AIX (APM-159023)
  • Fixed rare OSAgent restart on configuration update (APM-154992)
  • Apache PHP loading library "Apache 2.0 Handler" will now not be reported as PHP itself. (APM-152074)
  • OS Agent & Network Agent should now react to signals received during startup phase. (APM-142466)
  • Changed algorithm for raw I/O khtread reporting on AIX. (APM-155128)
  • Docker container injection method may now be changed during runtime. (APM-162404)
  • Increased OSAgent stability with limited Stack space. (APM-159934)


  • OneAgent Watchdog was not ignoring SIGHUP and could have terminated unexpectedly. (APM-155746)
  • Fixed high CPU overhead caused by OneAgent Watchdog due to insufficient wait time before re-reading binaries activation map. (APM-159040)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.