OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.159

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Resolved issues

34 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
General 3
OneAgent Installer 3
All modules 2
Java 4
.NET 4
Node.js 5
Go 4
Apache 1
OS module 2
Mobile 3
Watchdog 2
Other 1


  • Extended discovery of full process path on AIX (APM-143769)
  • Excluded non-physical interfaces from OSID calculation on Windows (APM-150890)
  • VLAN interfaces will be reported, if related physical Ethernet interface has no IP address configured. This is not a full support for vlans. (APM-157660)

OneAgent Installer

  • Quoted INSTALL_PATH parameter will now be correctly handled by Windows EXE installer (APM-151197)
  • Installer now correctly checks if the group saved in the configuration file exists before using it during upgrade (APM-151202)
  • Fixed display problems with Windows EXE installer GUI on 4k displays with scaling enabled (APM-149999)

All modules

  • If a private Active Gate is added while agent is running, Auto update and file upload (support archive, memory dump upload, ...) will not work until agent is restarted. (ONE-21130)
  • Resolved potential deadlock during shutdown on Windows, caused by a bug in the CRT where FreeLibrary may be called in DllMain (ONE-21131)


  • Resolved incompatibility with Oracle Java 11.1 class sharing (ONE-19712)
  • Turn of Java Agent instrumentation when manually injected and sharing is on or Java 11 is detected (ONE-19783)
  • RUM causes scrambled output for Atlassian Gzip filter (ONE-19992)
  • Prevent HTML injection after meta tag within a noscript section (ONE-19391)


  • Managed thread pool metrics report a theoretical maximum of available threads (ONE-20334)
  • Managed thread pool metrics were not collected, when thread pool was exhausted (ONE-20335)
  • Reduced memory consumption for collecting background method CPU hotspot information (ONE-20308)
  • Instrumentation failed for assemblies on a network share, resulting in a potential application crash. (ONE-20992)


  • Errors in async AWS Lambda handler functions are not detected by agent (ONE-19274)
  • Don't log to stdout if loading of Agent module failed (ONE-19834)
  • Fix Agent internal type error (cannot read property 'activate' of undefined) (ONE-19733)
  • Fix Agent internal type error (expected an object of type StringMapI but got type object) (ONE-19732)
  • Node.js Agent loader caused a deprecation warning (ONE-20259)


  • Go-Agent injection status needs to be sent periodically to server (ONE-19309)
  • Cloud Foundry Auctioneer metrics are not collected properly (ONE-19902)
  • Disable Go instrumentation if Go application uses plugins (ONE-19632)
  • Segfault in Go Agent on initializing custom services sensor (ONE-20456)


  • Metrics support for Apache 2.4.37 (ONE-20112)

OS module

  • Improved AutoUpdate mechanism to better handle hosts with very low disk space available (APM-151297)
  • Excluded non-physical interfaces from OSID calculation on Linux (APM-150105)


  • Android Auto-instrumentation: Improved CookieManager instrumentation (ONE-20847)
  • OneAgent for Android: Removed trailing slash from AppMon beacon URL (ONE-21063)
  • OneAgent for iOS: improved end visit handling from webviews (ONE-20670)


  • Watchdog will no longer create zombie childs if executing oneagentdumpproc during OOM restart of guarded binary fails (APM-151589)
  • Removed multi-threaded usages of apr pool in Watchdog that could have resulted in a crash in some rare circumstances (APM-153075)


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