OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.157

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Resolved issues

43 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
General 6
OneAgent Installer 2
All modules 3
Java 6
.NET 4
Node.js 4
Go 2
JavaScript 3
Apache 1
OS module 7
Mobile 1


  • Process Agent configuration should now be readable for all processes, even if OSAgent has a limited umask. (APM-151433)
  • Fixed immediate deletion of Memory Dumps, when configured size of Support Alert aging exceeded 4094 MB. (APM-148200)
  • Extended NGINX discovery heuristic (APM-146863)
  • Improved reporting of reason for injection suppression. (APM-149865)
  • PHP crash on PDOSensor for execute methods with no arguments provided (APM-148471)
  • Missing SQL statement in SLQAttchment because of passing null argument to execute method (APM-156120)

OneAgent Installer

  • Calls to getconf were removed from AIX installer, this command was found to hang in some specific scenarios. (APM-147657)
  • When installed in non-privileged mode on Linux, the installer could have sent termination signal to itself leading to host being lost during AutoUpdate. (APM-153137)

All modules

  • Failing Agent injection on Solaris (affecting all Solaris versions before 11.3) due to the command line not being detected correctly (ONE-19549)
  • Fix third-party-dtprotoc build problems (ONE-18533)
  • JBoss server name not detected in standalone mode when set via system property. This change may result in changed process groups. (ONE-18804)


  • Resolved incompatibility with Oracle Java 11.1 class sharing (ONE-19712)
  • RUM causes scrambled output for Atlassian Gzip filter (ONE-19992)
  • Improve capturing of Spring application name (ONE-19011)
  • Java threading sensor causes corrupted PurePaths (ONE-18974)
  • Wrongly detected exceptions in async Servlets (ONE-19107)
  • Probing a JMX measure might not deliver any results because of IllegalAccessException (ONE-18457)


  • Potential agent crash when installation is corrupt (ONE-19759)
  • Potential agent crash with custom services configured as busy loop for message queues (ONE-19171)
  • .NET Remoting Sensor may cause a NullReferenceException (ONE-19346)
  • OneAgent SDK for .NET: The EAP version (1.0.0-alpha) is no longer compatible with this OneAgent version (ONE-19266)


  • PG name shown as (null) for Node applications, if scriptname detection is enabled (ONE-18347)
  • Memory leak in V8 CpuProfiler for NodeJs >=8.x (ONE-18540)
  • RabbitMQ Sensor does not end path if it started one as entrypoint (ONE-18327)
  • oneagents running in AWS Lambda now report metrics data to the server. (ONE-18226)


  • DT_PHP_OPTIONS detected by classic bootstrap agent never passed to liboneagentloader (ONE-18572)
  • Problem with deconstructing non existing array in autosensor (ONE-18686)
  • PHP Autosensor 2 last frames are corrupted (memcache frames) (ONE-20150)


  • Go symbol name parser fails to parse type names in go1.11 (ONE-18325)
  • HTTP status code == 0 when not set implicitly/explicitly by user code (ONE-19299)


  • Fixed an error in our dojo wrapper (ONE-18624)
  • Fixed an issue in angularjs >= 1.4.4 and < 1.6, where it is possible to deactivate certain callbacks we relied on (ONE-18682)
  • Fixed an issue with cross-domain Iframes during the visually complete time calculation (ONE-19717)


  • Metrics support for Apache >= 2.4.35 (ONE-18822)


  • Fixed a bug for angular js <= 1.0, where $injector inside a config block is not supported (ONE-19132)

OS module

  • Fixed occasional hang when retrieval of Java version was not possible on Linux (APM-152909)
  • Fixed issue, where very short outgoing sessions which reuse ports could lead to improper discovery of network topology information (APM-134999)
  • Fixed reporting of mountpoint layout for OneAgent deployments from container (APM-157604)
  • haproxy-systemd-wrapper is now no longer grouped into HAProxy groups (APM-145479)
  • Fixed occasional appearance of "Session "RuxitDotNetLogger" failed to start" events. The events had no impact on the monitored environment. (APM-144881)
  • Improve AIX disk statistics collection times (APM-149006)
  • Improved performance of system metrics retrieval on AIX (APM-149866)


  • OneAgent for iOS: fixed public key pinning for self-signed certificates (ONE-19677)

Early Adopter releases

The following Early Adopter releases are in progress starting with this OneAgent release.