OneAgent and ActiveGate changelog version 1.155

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Resolved issues

40 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
General 5
OneAgent Installer 1
All modules 7
Java 5
.NET 1
Node.js 1
Go 4
JavaScript 1
Apache 1
OS module 9
Mobile 1
Watchdog 1


  • Host name detection for MongoDB not working when using replication sets (APM-145011)
  • Resolved incompatibility between SentinelOne and the Dynatrace Agent (APM-144471)
  • Enhance outgoint port reuse discovery and correlation of packets captured during first 10s interval of a TCP session (APM-144310)
  • Gathering metrics for Docker Containers should be more resilient to Docker API timeouts (APM-148478)
  • Extended NGINX discovery heuristic (APM-146863)

OneAgent Installer

  • Fixed a problem where installation on Windows was unable to start due to a failure when creating log file. (APM-139449)

All modules

  • Environment Variable Process Group Detection rules w/o type do not work when a type restriction is found in the configuration (ONE-17641)
  • When there is a matching injection rule, processes are monitored even if technology is disabled (ONE-17688)
  • PHP agent is not injected if php.ini file contains a [PATH=] section (ONE-18221)
  • Java Agent not injected into processes where launcher is linked against (ONE-18340)
  • Process Agent may change library search path of binaries containing rpath on Linux (ONE-18343)
  • Go agent gets injected even Go tech is disabled (ONE-18272)
  • oneagentmon_installer install command fails with non-standard hardware ID (ONE-17064)


  • WebLogic Custom JMX Plugin stopped displaying metrics after update to Agent 1.149 (ONE-18163)
  • Hot sensor placement interrupts agent/cluster communication (ONE-17654)
  • JVM process metrics do not report full GC time (ONE-17892)
  • Servlet sensor captures wrong response when sendRedirect is used (ONE-17838)
  • JMX probe might run into IllegalAccessException when calling public method overridden in private class (ONE-18457)


  • Outgoing HTTP requests were not captured from the HttpClient introspection, when HttpClient.BaseAddress with relative URLs was used (ONE-18276)


  • RabbitMQ Sensor does not end path if it started one as entrypoint (ONE-18327)


  • PHP agent class data for windows apache cgi has full path (ONE-17979)
  • PHP agent windows apache fcgi incorrect filename on execution node (ONE-17499)
  • PHP agent Unhandled exception from agent core (APM-141536)


  • Async link shown for outgoing web requests to public network (ONE-17529)
  • Fix memory leak caused by OneAgent in Go applications on Cloud Foundry (ONE-17673)
  • CPU Profiler showed "" frame if no callstack available (ONE-17914)
  • Go symbol name parser fails to parse type names in Go 1.11 (ONE-18325)


  • ocLazyLoad conflicts with AngularJs module (ONE-17930)


  • Support for web server metrics for Apache versions 2.4.35 and newer (ONE-18822)

OS module

  • Extend Azure discovery heuristic (APM-143104)
  • OSAgent log contains debug information about AppDomains, despite debug flag not being set (APM-139857)
  • OpenStack *-rootwrap processes should not generate restart events (APM-136318)
  • Performance improvements for reading processes sockets on AIX (APM-147442)
  • Add parent-child relationship between IIS and hosted .NET Core process on Windows (APM-147936)
  • Improve memory managment in Injection Cache. (APM-148115)
  • Improve memory managment in validation of injection rules (APM-148193)
  • runc-wrapper should use the original file in the same path the wrapper itself resides. (APM-148332)
  • Reduce amount of memory needed to gather processes information on AIX (APM-151145)


  • OneAgent for iOS: fix enabling crashreporting via API when disabled in Info.plist (ONE-18620)


  • Fixed Watchdog crashing on Windows when receiving a message from agent failed. (APM-133379)