Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.224

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements


  • You can now filter the Release inventory table (go to Releases) by the build version.

  • You can now filter the Release inventory table (go to Releases) by the technology type and version of the corresponding process group instances.

  • We have introduced a metric for Davis event ingestion.

  • Added support for filtering Data explorer tiles on dashboards.

  • We improved security when loading custom chart tiles on a shared dashboard by moving query execution completely to the server to further reduce potential threat vectors.

  • The waterfall shows more hints if Core Web Vitals are not available.

  • We streamlined the dashboard tile editing process a little. When you are finished editing a tile, you have three choices:

    • Select Done just once to exit edit mode and display the finished dashboard. (Formerly, you had to select Done twice to finish editing the tile and then finish editing the dashboard.)
    • Select another tile to edit the selected tile.
    • Select in any empty area on the dashboard to display the tile catalog and dashboard settings.
  • We releases problems v2 API, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.224.

  • It is now possible to set the stage of a release with the Kubernetes pod label 'dynatrace-release-stage'.

  • Kubernetes pages for namespace, workload and pod are extended with a breadcrumb navigation bar that shows the Kubernetes hierarchy from the cluster down to the pod level.

  • Service-level objectives (SLOs) now consist of a metric expression instead of either a metric rate or two metrics for good/total value. This introduces some changes in the web UI and SLO API.

  • We redesigned the "Define the SLO target" ("Set your target") step in the "Add new SLO" wizard to make it easier to define the service-level objective target and warning values.

  • We have updated the list of devices usable for browser monitors to include more current device models, and we have removed some outdated devices.

  • Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3.

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.224.74)

35 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 30
Cluster Management Console 3 (1 vulnerability)
User Interface 2


  • Web service name simplified to no longer contain host or process group information. (APM-315412)
  • Improved database service detection where no port is detected: if the candidate process group suggested by the topology has the technology of the database, it is associated with the database call; otherwise, it is associated only with the host. (APM-314790)
  • Corrected the link to documentation from user details (go to "Session segmentation" and select a user, and then select the "Learn more" link for the "Extended users..." switch). (APM-313905)
  • Fixed migration to `Data explorer` for custom charts containing legacy plugin metrics. (APM-316472)
  • Fixed an issue with read masking for pages. (APM-307851)
  • Fixed issue with long request time for `Host settings` > `Detected processes`. (APM-315254)
  • The "User sessions" > "Conversions vs bounces" chart now displays a tooltip on hover. (APM-312164)
  • URLs that are used only as additional information for Synthetic actions are no longer shortened. (APM-314301)
  • Fixed display names of legacy plugin metrics in custom charting. (APM-316469)
  • Fixed an issue in which the displayed number of open problems differed between mobile app and web UI. (APM-314219)
  • The "User sessions" page, when "Analyze more data" is selected, no longer shows "0 results" when fetching intermediate data for user sessions after some data has been already fetched. (APM-296188)
  • Fixed an issue with mobile symbolication file storage to allow "unlimited" quota setting in Dynatrace Managed environments. (APM-312151)
  • Fixed an issue with browser monitor breadcrumbs. (APM-313343)
  • On the user details page, the "Extended users..." switch is never disabled now if there is at least one extended user for the specified timeframe. (APM-314148)
  • Fixed an availability alerting bug related to evaluation of the host group and host settings when "Use global anomaly detection settings" was selected after editing host or host group settings. (APM-315121)
  • Darwin is now recognised as an Apple OS. (APM-311621)
  • Session list filters are no longer lost when changing filters on "Session details" page. (APM-313278)
  • Fixed issue with missing timings for Synthetic user actions. (APM-313751)
  • On "User sessions" page, when a category from the side panel is applied, the "Return to sessions" link now correctly preserves global timeframe and filters. (APM-312363)
  • Honeycomb dashboard tiles (Host health, Service health, etc.) with filters and remote environment configured now have working drilldowns to the corresponding view on the remote tenant. (APM-313297)
  • The Session Replay tab on session details page is now also displayed for Synthetic users. (APM-307056)
  • The "Dashboards" page now displays the admin toggle only for admins and devops users. (APM-311677)
  • Calculated Service metrics API - passing null/empty as a value for the `metricDefinition` key parameter now returns an appropriate constraint violation message. (APM-313239)
  • Resolved issue in which the Visually Complete 2.0 algorithm was not activated automatically in some circumstances. (APM-312152)
  • Added information on the self-enablement page about OneAgent release 1.217 requirement for Log Monitoring v2. (APM-319208)
  • Added support for `UserAction` and `Session` properties of type LONG_STRING to Configuration API. (APM-315513)
  • Fixed a bug related to custom error rules in the RUM - Web application configuration API (null fields were not allowed in PUT request). (APM-311723)
  • Fixed issue that caused unauthorized requests to the Synthetic Monitoring API to return unexpected error response. (APM-317625)
  • On the "User sessions" page, if a filter button would result in 0 matching items, the button is disabled. (APM-306087)
  • Resolved issue in which navigation to problem details page sometimes resulted in 404 not found error. (APM-312975)

Cluster Management Console

  • Vulnerability: Implemented hardening against server-side request forgery (SSRF) attack. (APM-307227)
  • Resolved issue with slow FedRAMP SSO IdP-initiated sign-in and error upon sign-out. (APM-310965)
  • Resolved issue that caused infinite dashboard page loading in certain circumstances when redirected from SSO sign-in for Managed clusters. (APM-316656)

User Interface

  • When license is expired, we provide now correct email in top bar. (APM-315761)
  • GWT error page analytics data is now sent when the error page is displayed. (APM-313545)

Update 80 (1.224.80)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.224 release.


  • Resolved issue in which HTTP monitors using credentials did not receive a credential update when they were running on public locations, so that they used the old value for public location executions unless the monitors were updated specifically. (APM-320713)
  • Critical issue: To avoid high Cassandra Database loads, REST API calls are no longer audited. (APM-321322)
  • Dashboard filters such as Kubernetes cluster, Kubernetes namespace, and Kubernetes workload are now properly applied to `Data explorer` tiles with built-in metrics. (APM-319031)

Update 84 (1.224.84)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.224 release.


  • Resolved issue in which, when a cluster node hit memory hard cleanup and stopped processing incoming user sessions data, it failed to start processing incoming user sessions data again when the cluster node returned to normal memory conditions. (APM-322680)
  • Resolved an issue in which, for some schemaless metrics sent via MINT API, data was lost. Affected: MINT metrics where the metric key was modified by Dynatrace on the cluster, including (1) count metrics where the metric key doesn't end with count, and (2) gauge metrics where the metric key does end with count. (APM-321104)