Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.220

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements


  • To take advantage of performance improvements, the latest security-vulnerability enhancements, and bug fixes, we've upgraded the following cluster node components:
    • Cassandra and Elasticsearch will now use JRE 8u292
    • Elasticsearch engine is now based on version 7.10
    • Other components will now use JRE 11.0.11
  • Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4
    • CentOS 8.4
    • Oracle Linux 8.4
    • Ubuntu 21.04

For more information, see Dynatrace Managed system requirements.

Cluster Management Console

  • Managing permissions of tens, dozens, or hundreds of environments can be challenging. To increase usability experience in configuring granular cluster permissions, we've improved the Groups overview page. The table got simplified and was enriched with advanced filtering capabilities. You can now build an advanced filter based on:
    • Group name with any comparator of {contains, starts with, equals}
    • Permissions included in an environment, a management zone, any environment or management zone, a cluster, or an account
    • LDAP group name

See an example below: advanced filtering for groups overview

  • We continue to further enhance security by easily automating your API token protection. In this release, we're proceeding with earlier announced change and it's no longer possible to reveal generated token values in the Edit panel once those values have been saved. Remember to store the token in a safe place like a password manager, secret vault, or other password protection services. See the screenshot below, how improved Token Management UI looks like:

Copy token on creation Token value no longer available

Operating systems support

Current Dynatrace Managed operating systems support changes

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 November 2021

  • Linux: openSUSE 15.2+

Future Dynatrace Managed operating systems support changes

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 February 2022

  • Linux: CentOS 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 8.0
  • Linux: Debian 8
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 8.0
  • Linux: Oracle Linux 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 8.0
    • x86 (64bit-only)
    • Last compatible Dynatrace Managed version: 1.226

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 March 2022

  • Linux: CentOS 8.3
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3
  • Linux: Oracle Linux 8.3
    • x86 (64bit-only)
    • Last compatible Dynatrace Managed version: 1.228

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 May 2022

  • Linux: CentOS 7.6, 8.1
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, 8.1
  • Linux: Oracle Linux 7.6, 8.1
    • x86 (64bit-only)
    • Last compatible Dynatrace Managed version: 1.232

Completed product ideas

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.220.3)

34 total resolved issues (2 vulnerabilities)


  • Vulnerability: Updated json-smart libraries in response to the flaw where exception is thrown from a function, but is not caught. (APM-294596)
  • Fixed incorrect link to Deployment Status screen for ActiveGates in notification about new version of ActiveGate. (APM-300850)
  • ActiveGate files that are modified at runtime (`authorization.properties`, `cluster.properties`, and connectivity history) are now saved in atomic manner to preserve configuration integrity in case disk storage runs out. (APM-304243)
  • Mapping for IIB node types has been updated. Resolves issue with request attribute configuration. (APM-304970)
  • Vulnerability: Jackson dataformat libraries have been updated in response to the flaw whre unchecked allocation of byte buffer can cause a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception. (APM-302150)
  • Auto-update jobs API response now contains ActiveGate ID in hexadecimal format. (APM-304965)
  • Credentials rejection period for shutdown ActiveGate now properly takes into account timestamp at which ActiveGate as last seen. (APM-297093)
  • ActiveGate IDs are now properly displayed on `Run Dynatrace ActiveGate diagnostics` page. (APM-304258)

Cloud automation solution

  • Resolved issue in which having two metrics with different entity types in an SLO resulted in being unable to evaluate the SLO. (APM-305867)
  • Fixed issue that caused the loading spinner on the SLO overview page to get stuck when changing the time in the timeframe selector. (APM-304015)


  • Fixed payload validation for maintenance windows for OneAgents in request to OneAgent auto-update public API. (APM-302186)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some problems not to merge. (APM-298708)
  • Resolved issue in which a relationship between a Kubernetes workload and a service was not properly set if multiple workloads related to the same process group. (APM-304483)
  • Resolved issue in which activity infographic text for including extended users always showed `sessions` instead of `devices`, `browsers`, or `applications`. (APM-282129)
  • Fixed classification of first-party and third-party requests for subdomains on the browser monitor analysis page. (APM-303100)
  • Fixed issue in which service metrics with multiple value conditions did not fetch data. (APM-305663)
  • Web vitals are no longer displayed for custom actions in the user session waterfall. (APM-280315)
  • Fixed issues with the RUM Web application configuration API. (APM-304841)
  • Fixed a bug related to writing time series for RUM metrics. (APM-305386)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing problem notifications from being sent out during cluster upgrade. (APM-301037)
  • Fixed issue with rounding decimal values for currently consumed host units on `Deployment status` page for OneAgent. (APM-305227)
  • Fixed issue with Windows services availability monitoring settings where lower-level settings (at the host or host group level) override parent settings instead of extending them. (APM-301364)
  • The `extensionId` and `endpointId` fields of `ExtensionConfigurationDto` are now properly set. (APM-300262)
  • Resolved issue with last value transformation of single value visualization. (APM-302910)
  • Fixed an issue where the root cause analysis would cause problems not to trigger notifications. (APM-305440)
  • Incremented the size of the chart in Browser section of the session list page. (APM-303004)
  • Added `warnings` field to response of Timeseries API v1. Aligned permissions concept for all custom metrics: storing metric metadata requires `SettingsWrite` or `WriteConfig` permission. (APM-303016)
  • Fixed multidimensional analysis filtering on sensitive web request URL content with management-zone-only permissions. (APM-300339)
  • Dimensions remainders are shown as REMAINDER instead of metric name. (APM-299723)
  • Auto-update API no longer allows changing configuration and triggering update jobs for containerized ActiveGates. (APM-303382)
  • Fixed potential problems with process group instance count violations that sometimes did not close when corresponding PGIs transitioned to an available state. (APM-305716)

Cluster Management Console

  • Resolved issues with display of user name and email when signed in with LDAP or SSO. (APM-303445)

Infrastructure monitoring solution

  • Changed message from `Could not find specified extension version` to `Schema for extension %s does not exist` if extension schema is not found. (APM-302868)
  • Fixed issue in which no metric data was shown if the selected management zone included a generic entity type filter. (APM-304534)

Update 96 (1.220.96)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.220 release.

11 total resolved issues (1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 8 (1 vulnerability)
Cluster Management Console 2
Infrastructure monitoring solution 1


  • Data explorer improved to allow sharing a link with a timeframe greater than `Last 24 hours`. (APM-306260)
  • Added additional comparison parameter for request attributes: now they can be correctly distinguished from each other and therefore get correct IDs. (APM-306797)
  • Vulnerability: URL parameters that were not masked at storage, but are masked at display, will be masked according to user permissions. (APM-307314)
  • Resolved issue that could cause problem reporting failure. (APM-306813)
  • Fixed an issue causing unrelated problems to merge (APM-309278)
  • Constraint violations removed: entityId can now be changed; calculated service metrics can now also be created with "entityId" field via PUT request (APM-306878)
  • Fixed the issue in top lists and pie charts tiles when the last dimension value is null. (APM-307197)
  • View change information is now masked in user sessions. (APM-306296)

Cluster Management Console

  • Resolved issue with JRE security settings in Remote Access process. (APM-306618)
  • Messages "Elasticsearch status verification failed." were limited to cases where upgrade really failed and required additional attention. (APM-310130)

Infrastructure monitoring solution

  • Fixed issue in which no metric data was shown if the selected management zone included a generic entity type filter. (APM-304534)