Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.214

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements

Cluster Management Console

  • Open Identity Connect (SSO) can now use Internet proxy (aka Mission Control proxy) to reach Identity Provider authentication endpoints. OIDC with proxy configuration

  • We introduced a request throttling mechanism to the Dynatrace API. For details, see Dynatrace API - Access limit.

  • Rack name selection was added to the new node installation wizard for a rack-aware deployment. It appears once you installed a node in another rack to ease further cluster scaling.

Installation and upgrade

  • To improve DNS load-balancing performance, Web UI traffic is by default disabled when installing 13th and following node (or 7th and following in a datacenter for Premium HA). You can enable/disable Web UI traffic for a node via Cluster REST API.
  • For optimized performance and resilience, configuration and metric storage service was upgraded to Cassandra 3.11.10
  • Security enhanced by removing EXEC:ALL entry from dtrun sudoers setup

Cluster REST API

Delivered product ideas

RFE: Add a configuration of proxy for the SSO - SAML or OpenId in Dynatrace GUI

Operating systems support

Supported Linux distributions

Operating systems Versions CPU architecture
Amazon Linux 2 all versions x86-64
Amazon Linux AMI 2017.x, 2018.x x86-64
CentOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.0-8.3 x86-64
Debian 8, 9, 10 x86-64
openSUSE 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.0, 15.1, 15.2+ x86-64
Oracle Linux 6.x, 7.x, 8.0-8.3 x86-64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x1, 8.0-8.3 x86-64
SUSE Enterprise Linux 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.0, 15.1, 15.2 x86-64
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS, 20.10 x86-64

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 & 7.5 must be amended.

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.214.96)

31 total resolved issues (1 critical issue, 1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
Autonomous Cloud 4 (1 critical)
Cluster 24 (1 vulnerability)
Cluster Management Console 1
Synthetic monitoring 1
User assistance 1

Autonomous Cloud

  • Critical issue: Resolved issue that resulted in the "Problems" > [problem] page not displaying for an active problem. (APM-293796)
  • Fixed inconsistency in successful request percentage calculation for SLO that caused values over 100%. (APM-286062)
  • Resolved issue in which error or success rates were calculated incorrectly across multiple services. (APM-282131)
  • Fixed issue causing "Monitor Kubernetes/OpenShift page to erroneously display "Make sure your API token has Read Configuration and Write Configuration enabled" (instead of permission "Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology") for generated API token. (APM-292654)


  • SaaS: When undoing DDU migration, the "You've used up all your Davis data units!" web UI notification is now removed. (APM-284431)
  • Tooltips for "Synthetic monitor health" and "Application health" tiles now correctly show the affected entity name instead of the ID. (APM-288459)
  • Resolved issue with links to the user details page through breadcrumbs and the summary section. (APM-289911)
  • Fixed Go garbage collection invocation count. (APM-285930)
  • Resolved unintended "Max user actions per minute exceeded" condition for Dynatrace Managed environments. (APM-288404)
  • Improved stability of workloads filter bar. (APM-287403)
  • The application-wide "Ignore errors in Apdex calculations" setting is now considered when processing user actions with errors. (APM-283129)
  • Resolved issue resulting in only differential backups, not full backups. (APM-291018)
  • Resolved a Metrics API issue with metric descriptor endpoint where the nextPageKey would not function properly for queries resolving duplicate metric keys. (APM-284712)
  • Resolved issue with Kubernetes cluster page, "View all workloads" button. (APM-286256)
  • "Network traffic" switch is now available on AIX host settings page in Infrastructure Monitoring mode. (APM-288210)
  • Fixed an issue in which querying certain combinations of metrics resulted in an internal server error. (APM-292042)
  • Resolved issue with graph tiles not displaying isolated data points. (APM-288870)
  • Improved the representation of monotonic counter metrics in charts and REST API. (APM-282618)
  • Users are no longer automatically subscribed to reports of duplicated browser monitors. (APM-285196)
  • Resolved issue in which the "Add metric" button on the JMX extension details page was no longer displayed after adding one metric. (APM-284085)
  • Vulnerability: The API token for downloading OneAgents and ActiveGates is no longer attached as a query parameter for buttons and links in the web UI to download installers. (APM-246847)
  • Fixed issues with analyzing system text files using encoding other then ASCII or UTF-8. (APM-284811)
  • Resolved occasional error page after leaving the "Host group settings" page. (APM-286257)
  • Resolved a corner-case in custom charting of CGI metrics that resulted in an HTTP 404 page. (APM-289156)
  • Fixed incorrect monitoring state description on "Process group settings" page (even when every process group instance was monitored, sometimes the monitoring state was displayed as "Partially on" instead of "On"). (APM-284571)
  • Data explorer query results are now updated correctly when timeframe is changed. (APM-287862)
  • On "Davis data units overview" page, renamed "Custom metrics without related monitored entity" to "Not related to a monitored entity" to make it suitable for all pools. (APM-288489)
  • Fixed issue in which `nextPageKey` was missing from Problems API v2. (APM-289964)

Cluster Management Console

  • Fixed error that sometimes occurred when rapidly switching between "Deployment status > Cluster nodes > [node]" pages. (APM-286571)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Resolved issue in which, for key-value tags manually added to synthetic entities, the tags were suggested with only a key on some configuration pages (for example, in `Select tag` for alerting profile). (APM-285676)

User assistance

  • Fixed inconsistency in successful method request percentage calculation for SLO that caused values over 100%. (APM-291333)

Update 112 (1.214.112)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.214 release.

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Cluster 1
User assistance 1


  • Resolved issue that prevented Data explorer query filters from including slash or hash characters. (APM-291768)

User assistance

  • Fixed management zone evaluation for problems on environment entities that could lead to alerts on all management zones. (APM-294943)